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zekr-1.1.0-setup_64.exe 2012-07-19 8.7 MB 279279 weekly downloads
zekr-1.1.0-setup.exe 2012-07-19 8.5 MB 710710 weekly downloads
Zekr 1.1.0 is available just before Ramadan 1433. This release is deeply devoted to the Muslims of Rohingya, Myanmar, world’s most prosecuted people who are expelled, killed and oppressed as a daily routine in their own country. Please pray for them in this holy month of Ramadan. New futures in this release are same as 1.1.0m1 with a few bug fixes. Here are highlights: 1. Multiple recitation support. 2. Show translation under search results. 3. Native support for media keys on Windows (play, pause, next track, etc.). 4. Zekr is now shown on the system tray icon (if supported). Here is the full release note for this release: Version 1.1.0 release - [19-07-2012] Features/Enhancements: Click on mute button toggles mute state and sets volume to 15% if already muted. Added state to update manager to prevent multiple auto-update checking. Also set update.enable = true by default. Will automatically check for an update every 4 weeks Bug fixes: Bug fix for search result count in search.js. Fixed sajda list order issue, as reported here: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/zekr/-/bCqUIqnww7sJ.
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