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  • deps - dependencies for building the project
  • .exe - installer (without zbarimg)
  • .zip - the files installed by the installer and the static library

Zbar binaries include only zbar library (libzbar.dll) and video sample application (zbarcam.exe). To get sample image application or more library support modules, download original zbar binaries or build zbarw from source.

Library was compiled using following command: ./configure --with-directshow --without-imagemagick --without-gtk --without-python --without-qt --without-java

The only additional library needed to use libzbar.dll is libiconv. We compiled 1.14 version from source. The source was downloaded from libiconv homepage and is also available in our deps directory. There were problems in using mingw 1.14-2 version (char** argument instead of const char **). Our bin download contains also header and library files needed to build applications with zbarw.

Source: README.md, updated 2012-10-31