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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6th October 2015 Eazylink2 is a remote file management tool for Cambridge Z88 portable, using RS-232 cable or USB serial adapters. This desktop application is designed to work optimally using the Z88 Eazylink Popdown V5.2.3 (for all OZ ROM's) or later. This popdown must be installed on an application card, inserted into one of the external slots of your Cambridge Z88. We have already provided ready-made executables for Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu 15.04, ready to be downloaded here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/z88/files/EazyLink%20Desktop%20Client/ - The application source code For those who use other platforms which we have not provided executables, it is necessary to compile the application yourself. This is very easy (see instructions below). EazyLink2 is a pure Qt5 application and only requires the Qt5 SDK to be installed on your desktop system. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cambridge Z88 Eazylink popdown ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EazyLink2 desktop client talks to the Eazylink popdown on the Cambridge Z88. Copy this link into your browser to download a free copy and follow instructions on how to install the popdown: https://cambridgez88.jira.com/wiki/x/HICvAw This desktop application is also designed to work optimally with Eazylink popdown as part of Cambridge Z88 OZ v4.5 ROM or later, enabling 38.400 BPS transfer speeds. OZ v4.5 is typically installed on an application card, inserted into slot 1 of your Cambridge Z88. The Eazylink2 Desktop Client is also designed to transfer files to your Z88 using the built-in Imp/Export popdown, in case you don't yet have the Eazylink popdown installed on your Z88. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EazyLink2 User Guide ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We have provided an online user guide that explains everything about installation, using USB adapters to connect to the Cambridge Z88, and trouble shooting: https://cambridgez88.jira.com/wiki/display/EAZUGV10/EazyLink2+User+Guide ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EazyLink2 for Mac OSX 10.8 or later ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Download Eazylink2_1.0.3-MACOSX.zip archive, decompress (one program inside) and drag to Applications folder, or run directly from downloaded folder. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EazyLink2 for Windows XP (32bit), Windows 7 and later (64bit) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Download Eazylink2_1.0.3- <Windows version> -installer.exe and run as administrator. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ubuntu PPA packages for 14.04 (Trusty, Linux Mint 17), 15.04 (Vivid) and 15.10 (Wiley) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Desktop installation packages are available for i386, x64 and Arm (rPi, RaspEx, etc.) Use Linux command shell to install Eazylink2 via PPA: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cambridgez88/eazylink2 sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install eazylink2 More information about packages is available here: https://launchpad.net/~cambridgez88/+archive/ubuntu/eazylink2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Installing the *.DEB packages (for various debian-based Linux distributions) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Download package, then use Linux command shell to install Eazylink2: sudo dpkg -i eazylink2_1.0.3~ <distribution>.deb ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IMPORTANT for Linux (access rights to serial port) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On Linux, all serial port devices are owned by the "dialout" system group. That means the login-user who runs the EazyLink client must be part of this group in order to be able to open the serial ports. Some Linux distributions have the "dialout" group pre-registered for new login-users which enables serial port access out-of-the-box.. Others not. The Installer is executed by the login-user and doesn't require root (administrator) access. This is to have the sugar-coating of desktop application icons and easy un-install. However it doesn't manage the dialout group. If you get "Could not open serial port /dev/XXXX", do as follows in a command shell (bash or similar) as root: On Ubuntu: sudo adduser <your-login-user> dialout Other Linux systems: su<ENTER> {enter root password} (as root) adduser <your-login-user> dialout ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Compile Eazylink2 from source packages ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In order to compile the sources of the EazyLink2 desktop client, download the Eazylink2-1.0.3-Sourcecode.zip archive and un-compress, then download and install a QT 5.4 SDK from this link: http://download.qt.io/archive/qt/5.4/5.4.2/ Start QT Creator application and load the eazylink2.pro project. Define a compile targets (Debug and/or Release) then build the application. Read here how to deploy the QT5 application (platform-specific): http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/deployment.html ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Helping out by registering as user in our Open Source project ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please, sign up with an account on our project (all our work is open source), and provide any feedback you may have (ideas, bug reports, etc): https://cambridgez88.jira.com/wiki/x/BABN (link to wiki page of EazyLink Client) or https://cambridgez88.jira.com/wiki/display/welcome/Cambridge+Z88 (to see our general news about the Z88 project)
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