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To install software: get base file yume3-00x.tgz, unpack, make, and sudo make install. To get web page showing examples: get web file yume3-doc-eg00x.tgz For more details, please see <http://yume3.sourceforge.net/> and <http://yume2.sourceforge.net/>. For screen-shots with explanations, see <http://yume3.sourceforge.net/yume3/web/eg-overview.html> and <http://yume2.sourceforge.net/examples/eg-overview.html>. yume is a menu system with user-editable, mouse-activated shell commands. It creates and runs a menu based on user-provided arguments. The current version, yume3, is Gtk-based. To make yume, see directions in INSTALL. That file (linked on this page, also included in archive) explains how to unpack the source files, and how to make yume. Note, all of the .tgz files below unpack into subdirectory yume3/ of working directory. Generally, it is best to download yume3-00x.tgz (where x is latest revision), unpack it in a work directory by tar xzf yume3-00x.tgz build executables via make and install executables and man pages via sudo make install . This will take under half a minute on most desktop computers. After building and installing the software, cd to the examples/ subdirectory and enter ./example-starter4 to run and observe some example yume scripts. The eg-overview.html webpage can be viewed at link from top of <http://yume3.sourceforge.net/> ie at <http://yume3.sourceforge.net/yume3/web/eg-overview.html> or can be downloaded via yume3-doc-eg02.tgz . yume.1 and yume-examples.1 via ~FileSize Filename Contents SF base/ 83KB yume3-006.tgz INSTALL, README, Makefile*, src/, doc/, examples/ SF web/ 465KB yume3-doc-eg00c.tgz web/ (ie: eg-overview.html + 44 .jpg's) SF src/ 46KB yume3-c-src005.tgz Makefile*, src/, doc/*.1, examples/yume-gtkrc SF bin/i686/ 6KB yume Yume part 1 executable for i686 31KB yume3 Yume parts 2,3 executable for i686 SF bin/x86_64/ 8KB yume Yume part 1 executable for x86_64 40KB yume3 Yume parts 2,3 executable for x86_64 For yume3 examples, please cd to the yume3/examples directory after you make yume, and enter the command ./yume-examples. Also, see man yume and man yume-examples. - jiw, 17 Mar 2011
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