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Changes new to version 1.33 + made "found poly" messages much less verbose + using /r instead of printing backspaces now in ecm.c and SIQS.c + ggnfs jobs launched by yafu will now print out individual .last_spq files per thread, although they are still not used for anything + get rid of blk_rel_count experiment code in siqs + add the beginnings of CUDA squfof support - although it is far from working and probably not even beneficial at this point. currently protected by HAVE_CUDA definition + more work on tinySIQS, but still not fully operational. + added more fclose's (thanks jcrombie!) + fixed bugs that caused crashes when inputs numbers approached or exceeded 1024 characters in batchfiles. + updates to text output of factor() to prevent window scrolling (thanks WraithX) + (re)support builds without NFS=1 + got rid of cat.exe warning messages in windows that don't have unxutils (thanks WraithX) + slight cleanup of nfs state machine + improved min_rels calculation + added ability to parse user supplied job files and supply missing parameters (thanks Dubslow!) + added additional support for user supplied snfs job files (allow input difficult, scale job parameters accordingly) + (re)support x86 builds on linux (thanks EdH!) + support for multiple nfs options simultaneously + allow comment lines in batch files (// or %) + new option to specify the B1 level beyond which ecm will attempt to use external binaries: "ext_ecm" + more digits when quoting user supplied pretest ratios + notify user of any pretest limits in place + cleanup of nfs state machine
Source: README.txt, updated 2012-10-25