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v 1.31 + bugfixes (thanks volmike, kar_bon, StarGate38, jwes, and Brian Gladman for reports and fixes) + 8x sse2 asm division + 8x small prime poly updating + removed obsolete pre-processor directives and code (e.g. USE_COMPRESSED_FB) + replaced zNroot and zExp code with gmp equivalents + added wrapper for mpz_get_str that will reallocate the destination string to fit the input + cleanup of tdiv_med.c: separate division and resieving stuff + change to factor(): remove pp1 while increasing pm1 bound by 1.5x + create a yafu.ini file if one doesn't exist in tune() + added a factor_perfect_power routine to factor(), nfs(), and siqs() + printing factors should now get the type correct (i.e., prime, prp, or composite) + more robust restarting + better min_rels estimation + added "nprp" command line option to specify the number of witnesses in PRP checks
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