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YAD2XX ------ YAD2XX is a Java native interface to the FTDI D2XX USB driver. README.txt Stephen Davies 2 July, 2012 Getting Started --------------- You MUST install the FTDI D2XX driver from the FTDI website. See http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/D2XX.htm YAD2XX Installation ------------------- Users of this project need to understand that a Java Native Interface consists of two download files. The first is the projects Java library, yad2xxJava-*.jar. The JAR file contains compiled Java bytecode and is platform independent. You need to download this and make it available on your projects CLASSPATH. The second download file is platform dependent. You will need to choose between the Windows x64 or OS X variants. This file contains the platform dependent implementations of the native code. On Windows x64 (I've tested on Windows 7) you should copy FTDIInterface.dll to c:\windows\system32. On OS X copy libFTDIInterface.jnilib to /usr/lib/java.
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