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Changes from 4.3.4 -> 4.3.5 (9 Sep 2011) ======================================== * rev 6754 * Fix crash in CGI generating the "info" status column. * Fix broken handling of IGNORE for log-file analysis. * Fix broken clean-up of obsolete cookies (no user impact). * Devmon RRD handler: Fix missing initialisation, which might cause crashes of the RRD handler. * Fix crashes in xymond caused by faulty new library for storing cookies and host-information. * Fix memory corruption/crash in xymond caused by logging of multi-source statuses. * New "delayred" and "delayyellow" definitions for a host can be used to delay change to a yellow/red status for any status column (replaces the network-specific "badFOO" definitions). * analysis.cfg and alerts.cfg: New DISPLAYGROUP setting to select hosts by the group/group-only/group-except text. * New HOSTDOCURL setting in xymonserver.cfg. Replaces the xymongen "--docurl" and "--doccgi" options, and is used by all tools. * xymond_history option to control location of PID file. * Critical Systems view: Optionally show eventlog for the hosts present on the CS view. * Critical Systems view: Multiple --config options can now be used, to display critical systems from multiple configurations on one page. * Detailed status display: Speedup by no longer having to load the hosts.cfg file. * xymongen and xymonnet: Optionally load the hosts.cfg from xymond instead of having to read the file.
Source: README, updated 2011-09-09