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Xymon release 4.3.10 - released on Aug 6 2012 ============================================= Main features in this release is the addition of inode-checks on all major platforms, and a series of enhancements to the build procedure. Also, building Xymon on most common platforms is now explicitly described in the "install" document. * Fix build problems with "errno" * Fix build problems with OpenSSL in non-default locations * Fix build problems with certain LDAP configurations * Fix build problems with RRDtool on FreeBSD / OpenBSD * Fix problem with ifstat data from Fedora in graphs * "inode" check on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OSX, Solaris, HP/UX, AIX in addition to existing support for Linux * Document building and installing Xymon on common platforms (Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris) * Enhance xymoncfg so it can be used to import Xymon configuration settings into shell-scripts. Pre-compiled packages are available for a number of platforms in directories below the main distribution directory. These are mostly intended to easily install the Xymon client software on your systems; server-packages are provided for most platforms, but may require some additional configuration to work correctly. Please note that the RPM packaging (RHEL and Fedora) is rather simple; e.g. they do not address the SELinux issues on RHEL. The FreeBSD and Solaris packages do not create the "xymon" user on the system, nor do they integrate Xymon into your webserver configuration. See https://xymon.csc.dk/xymon/help/install.html for instructions about building Xymon on these platforms and installing it to work with the system.
Source: README, updated 2012-08-04