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Xiaopan 2013-04-17 67.6 MB 44 weekly downloads
Xiaopan 0.3.8.iso 2013-04-17 68.7 MB 77 weekly downloads
Xiaopan 0.4.1.iso 2013-04-17 72.9 MB 33 weekly downloads
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Xiaopan 0.4.2.iso 2013-04-17 79.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
Xiaopan 0.4.4.iso 2013-04-17 73.6 MB 99 weekly downloads
Xiaopan 0.4.3.iso 2013-04-13 123.4 MB 1111 weekly downloads
Xiaopan 2013-04-13 72.4 MB 1111 weekly downloads
For support, troubleshooting, installation, tutorials, compatibility and information join Xiaopan Forums. http://xiaopan.co/forums/ Xiaopan - Updated Bully to Bully.2013-09-11 - Updated @cristi_28 BullyWPS Script to v1.7 (translated & modded by me) - Fixed RTL8187L wlan0 instead mon0 issue (reported by @Remington & @estimacamry) - Fixed Inflator 0 AP's detected issue (reported by @Remington) Filename: XIAOPAN Size: 72.5mb MD5: 1477b92d4e91b692a62781a668342a76 - See more at: http://xiaopan.co/forums/conversations/0-4-7-2.731/#sthash.9aGiVC9o.dpuf Xiaopan - Added Local Boot option (does not work on newer BIOSes) - Updated BullyWPS Script to v1.6 - Fixed the Bully disappearing issue - Fixed Inflator 0 AP's found Filename: XIAOPAN Size: 72.5mb MD5: 0f0e201e23621b6bf9e4b974376db142 Thank you Fantasma and cristi_28 from lampiweb.com forums Xiaopan 0.4.7 What's new? Aircrack 1.2 b1 Reaver Mod v2 Bully script firmware-broadcom.tcz to test with broadcom wireless cards does not work Wifite Desktop launcher Bib Desktop launcher New Root Shell with transparent background (cause i hate the current white ) New icon pack Documents folder (located in /home/tc) with Bully usage and Crunch to Aircrack (how to pipe) txt. suggestions to include more useful documentation welcome ab2tce.sh readded libnl.tcz added libcrypt added fltk-1.1.10.tcz added libxcb.tcz + libgcrypt.tcz added liblzma.tcz added ncurses-common.tcz added tcl.tcz added Fixed Xfe icons issue App browser fixed New background by @hazz death Added Boot background Option to boot from local HDD hwmon-3.0.21-tinycore.tcz; pci-hotplug-3.0.21-tinycore.tcz to fix usb devices working at boot Added some statements at the boot menu for newbies. MD5: c6a305053a856ec64ade174bff4f873d Filename: XIAOPAN 0.4.7+.iso Size: 69.16mb Xiaopan Added: Dual Reaver Mod md5 checksum: ISO: 585f86c04a4f419a78a33c2f85767bf8 Xiaopan 0.4.6 Updated: TinyCore 4.7.7 wifi.tcz feedingbottle 3.2.3 (new icon) inflator 1.0 (new icon) flit (date,time & battery meter) auto-launched at startup wpa-supplicant.tcz Added: different wifi firmware (for testing) pyrit 0.4.0 wl-modules-3.0.21-tinycore.tcz md5 checksum: ISO: 60b9985dd05572e15d84b62049d687b2 ZIP: 84cf184cb1ad2651e296b586a8590adf What is new in Not much, added latest minidwep 40325 > 40420 that includes Reaver optimisations built by @minileaf Xiaopan iso MD5 Checksum: 6e52776b65c35db937c89cb69606c049 What is New in Fixed live boot CD and VMware error with the message ISOLINUX 4.02 debian-20101024 ETCD being displayed at boot which was first reported by @smash and fixed by @camideath666 A minor release that has a few additional packages thanks to minileaf, Aby$m and notepad. Xiaopan MD5 Checksum: f45465541b3724815d6d367f6f4fa137 What's New in Added Wifite built by @Aby$m http://xiaopan.co/forums/threads/wifite-for-xiaopan-os.3385/ Added latest Minidwep 40325 built by @minileaf http://xiaopan.co/forums/threads/minidwep-gtk-40325-latest-for-xiaopan.234/ Fixed mdk3-v6 in the onboot.lst Fixed minidwep in the tcz2ram.lst Added individual checksums for individual files within the ISO Xiaopan MD5 Checksum: 16759376628f7b149a381bf216974a5e Verify MD5 with WinMD5Free or similar Chinese Support: http://www.anywlan.com/ 8b d8 88 Y8, ,8P "" `8b d8' Y88P 88 ,adPPYYba, ,adPPYba, 8b,dPPYba, ,adPPYYba, 8b,dPPYba, d88b 88 "" `Y8 a8" "8a 88P' "8a "" `Y8 88P' `"8a ,8P Y8, 88 ,adPPPPP88 8b d8 88 d8 ,adPPPPP88 88 88 d8' `8b 88 88, ,88 "8a, ,a8" 88b, ,a8" 88, ,88 88 88 8P Y8 88 `"8bbdP"Y8 `"YbbdP"' 88`YbbdP"' `"8bbdP"Y8 88 88 88 88 ,ad8888ba, ad88888ba d8"' `"8b d8" "8b d8' `8b Y8, 88 88 `Y8aaaaa, 88 88 `"""""8b, Y8, ,8P `8b Y8a. .a8P Y8a a8P `"Y8888Y"' "Y88888P"
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