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x9wm Linux - 32/64bit Intel Debian Stable w/ x9wm

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x9wm Linux - 32/64 Debian 7.2 "Wheezy" Stable with Google-Chrome / FireFox / Gnome-Commander / FireFox / Gedit / x9wm window manager / Gnome Display Manager 3 / MetaCity / ... more

Integrated distraction free interface with simple / single click / sweep drag paradigm.
Easy to customize menu / 1-click to any thing
Instant always available system monitor top-bar
Dec 04 2013 - update 1.02
1 New Desktop Wallpaper
2 Conky Top bar updated / Bottom bar space - for menu expansion in 1.03
3 New menu feature for window (max) maximize to save reshape for full-screen windows in any screen dimension
4 Code stub preped for automation and bottom menu control bar
5 Integrated into x9wm linux version "celestial" 1.2 Debian Wheezy w/ gnome-commander integrated
6 Gnome-Commander integrated and remote filesystems and WIndows SMB / CIFS partitions integrated
7 Gnome GEDIT now default text editor
8 qcalculate replaced xcalc as a much more fully features general purpose calculator / equation

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  • Newest Version Live Mode w/ Install only 700-800 Meg Download - "nutcracker" version
  • Single Click-to-Anything Interface
  • x9wm window manager integrated
  • Sparse Distraction Free Desktop Interface
  • Design for heavy daily use
  • A quality debian stable linux
  • 32 and 64 bit architectures for Intel/AMD64 platforms
  • Over 300 Quality application included (pre elysium version)
  • new maximize window feature with a single click - "max"
  • conky now in top section on all virtual screens
  • new wallpaper dark pattern -easy to read
  • GEDIT and GNOME-Comander File manager integrated with SSH/FTP/ remote filesystems
  • qalculate super calculator integrated
  • Yahoo Finance in Menu now
  • Firefox integrated


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Intended Audience

Developers, End Users/Desktop, System Administrators

User Interface

X Window System (X11)

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