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Welcome to wxWindows/Motif 2.2.7 You have downloaded version 2.2.7 of the Motif port of the wxWindows GUI library. More information about the wxWindows project as a whole can be found at: http://www.wxwindows.org Information on how to install can be found in the file install.txt, but if you cannot wait, this should work on many systems: ./configure --with-motif make su <type root password> make install ldconfig exit Alternatively, a script (makewxmotif) for running configure can be found in this directory. When you run into problems, please read the install.txt and follow those instructions. If you still don't have any success, please send a bug report to one of our mailing lists (see the wxWindows homepage) INCLUDING A DESCRIPTION OF YOUR SYSTEM AND YOUR PROBLEM, SUCH AS YOUR VERSION OF MOTIF, WXMOTIF, WHAT DISTRIBUTION YOU USE AND WHAT ERROR WAS REPORTED. Alternatively, you may also use the bug reporting system linked from the wxWindows web page. The library produced by the install process will be called libwx_motif.a (static) and libwx_motif-2.2.so.0.1.1 (shared) so that once a binary incompatible version of wxWindows/Motif comes out we'll augment the library version number to avoid linking problems. Please send problems concerning installation, feature requests, bug reports or comments to the wxWindows users list. Information on how to subscribe is available from www.wxwindows.org. wxWindows/Motif doesn't come with any guarantee whatsoever. It might crash your hard disk or destroy your monitor. It doesn't claim to be suitable for any special or general purpose. Regards, The wxWindows team
Source: readme_motif-2.2.9.txt, updated 2002-01-05