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* Workrave 1.10 ** Split "show 'postpone' and 'skip'" checkbox into two checkboxes. (Egbert Teeselink) ** Add the capability to delete all stored statistics (Ray Satiro) ** Workrave now supports DBus on window. DBus can be used to control Workrave by an external program. ** Workrave now offers a Gnome 3 applet. Applets for both Gnome 3 classic and the Gnome shell are available. ** Workrave now offers an application indicator (applet) in Unity. ** On Windows, Workrave does not stay in the 'suspended' mode after resuming from hibernate/sleep. ** On Unix, Workrave adds a new activity monitoring method that can be used instead of the XRECORD based monitoring. XRECORD monitoring appear be causing X crashes for some people (See http://issues.workrave.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1066) ** Infrastructure update. Workrave now supports: - Gtk3/Gtkmm3 (only on Gnome 3; Gtk2/Gtkmm2 is still used on Gnome 2) - Configuration in GSettings (instead of GConf) - GIO based DBus (instead of freedesktop.org DBus) ** Obsolete KDE3 support has been droppped. ** Translation updates: - Mykola Rykov translated Workrave into Ukrainian. - Ivan Barkovic translated Workave into Croatian. - Moein Gh translated Workave into Persian. - Jyri-Petteri Paloposki translated Workrave into Finnish - Goran Maričić translated Workrave into Serbian. - Igor Zinovik updated the Russian translation. - Gabor Kelemen updated the Hungarian translation. - Alick Zhao updated the Chinese translation. - Andrey Bondrov updated the Russian translation. - Paweł Szerszon updated the Polish translation. ** Plus many small fixes and improvements (Ray Satiro, Rob Caelers)
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