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Variant Conversion Info (VARCON) Revision 5.0 (SVN Revision 124) December 27, 2010 by Kevin Atkinson (kevina@gnu.org) This package contains information to convert between American, British, and Canadian spellings and vocabulary as well and other variant information. CHANGES: From Revision 4.1 to Revision 5.0 (December 27, 2010) - Completely new format for the main table which, in addition to providing the preferred spelling of a word for various forms of English, also records variant and other information. To reflect this change, the name of the file was renamed from abbc.tab to varcon.txt. - Massive effort to verify the variant information against authoritative sources (mainly Oxford dictionaries). Most entries for common words (SCOWL level 35 and below) have been checked against at least a British and Canadian dictionary. - Added variant information for numerous other words, even when there is no difference between the various forms on English. - Other changes corresponding to the new format.
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