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CPS Wildfire Management Tool ============================ ** WMT 3.2.1 - Release June 2013 IMPORTANT NOTE: I've received reports that v3.2.1 for the Mac won't launch correctly. I will resolve this ASAP. Windows ------- ** Install * Run the WMT-3.2.1_setup.exe program. Mac OSX ------- ** Install * Using the Finder, copy the WMT app from the WMT-3.2.1.dmg file to the Applications folder or the desktop. * Note: don't run WMT from within the .dmg file, otherwise you may see the following alert message: "Warning - could not install some modules: Emxsys - License - The module org.netbeans.core/ide/1 was needed and not found." ** Security Settings * When you attempt to open the WMT app, you may see the following alert message: "WMT can't be opened because its from an unidentified developer" "Your security settings allow installations of only apps from the App Store and identified developers." * Here are the steps to override your security settings and open the app anyway: 1. In the Finder, locate the WMT app. 2. Press the Control-key and click the WMT app icon. 3. Choose Open from the pop-up menu. 4. Click Open. * The app will be stored as an exception to your security settings, and you will be able to open it in the future by double-clicking it. Linux ----- ** Install * WMT-3.2.1.zip : Zip image (no installer) for Linux Release Notes - Emergency Management Expert Systems - Version 20130524 v3.1.3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Bug * [EMXSYS-126] - CPS Projects don't install the cps.properties files; thus they can't be opened as a CPS project * [EMXSYS-148] - GeoMac Current Fire Perimenter map layer didn't refresh with updated perimeter * [EMXSYS-151] - Coordinate system in FireBehavior model is not consistant with Coordinate system loaded from file * [EMXSYS-160] - Fire Behavior particle animation doesn't handle "barriers" correctly: fire changes direction * [EMXSYS-168] - Unable to manually specify a Fuel Model for Fireground Analysis * [EMXSYS-169] - Error saving weather data: java.lang.IllegalStateException: writeFile() state must be INITIALIZED, not INVALID * [EMXSYS-173] - Projects do not go to the startup location when they are loaded or subsequently selected * [EMXSYS-174] - Fireground weather data does not load from file * [EMXSYS-176] - Fireground context sensitive actions are not enabling when a project loads * [EMXSYS-177] - Weather temperature and humidity data is not loaded correctly in the weather editor/wizard * [EMXSYS-186] - LANDFIRE Service is down * [EMXSYS-194] - Particles that travel outside the fireground are not renewed -- the number of particles diminish over time. * [EMXSYS-195] - Restore Scene button not working on newly opened project. * [EMXSYS-197] - Fireground Animation only animates one sector; animating multiple sectors in a project is not supported * [EMXSYS-202] - Unable to test software features outside USA because fuel models are disabled ** Improvement * [EMXSYS-140] - Allow sorting of the layers in Layer Manager * [EMXSYS-162] - Improve accuracy of Fire Behavior calculations * [EMXSYS-178] - Improve Generate Weather Wizards ** New Feature * [EMXSYS-44] - Add details from Viewer or from Layers to the Navigator TopComponent * [EMXSYS-68] - Add MODIS Active Fire Maps * [EMXSYS-93] - Add Categories to Layer Manager * [EMXSYS-119] - Add WMS map layers for NWS weather forecasts (e.g., winds, temp, rh) * [EMXSYS-127] - Add USA Weather Map Overlays * [EMXSYS-128] - Add World MODIS Fire Detection Map Overlays * [EMXSYS-129] - Add USA GeoMAC Wildfire Maps * [EMXSYS-130] - Add Europa JRC Forest Fire Maps * [EMXSYS-131] - Show GIS Layer Legends in Navigator window * [EMXSYS-132] - Add Catalonia WMS Maps * [EMXSYS-133] - Add query for nearby weather from global Yahoo Wx Services * [EMXSYS-139] - Add WMS Layer Wizard * [EMXSYS-152] - Add Fire Behavior Animation Feature * [EMXSYS-166] - Add Weather Scenarios * [EMXSYS-167] - Show Fire Behavior Time Series Charts * [EMXSYS-196] - Add a Start Page with links to Overview, Forums, Issue Tracker Activity and Blogs * [EMXSYS-203] - Add button to configure the fireground fuel model ** Task * [EMXSYS-13] - Add a universal time controller module * [EMXSYS-104] - Add Fireground Files Node to CPS Project extension * [EMXSYS-106] - Refactor fireground.xml to fireground folder * [EMXSYS-142] - Add NetCDF file type * [EMXSYS-144] - Prototype Analytic Surfaces for Fireground Sectors * [EMXSYS-146] - Prototype Particle Analytics to animate fire behavior * [EMXSYS-149] - Ensure WeakListeners are used with Fireground data * [EMXSYS-150] - Saving Fireground data should be done in worker thread ** Sub-task * [EMXSYS-14] - Create Time Control interface * [EMXSYS-15] - Create Time Animation Widget * [EMXSYS-153] - Add slider to select and show the time index * [EMXSYS-154] - Allow the number of particles to dynamically controlled * [EMXSYS-155] - Sync CPS dashboard weather to Fireground weather model * [EMXSYS-156] - Smooth the lines drawn by the particles * [EMXSYS-157] - Compute the size of the buffered image based on eye-point proximity * [EMXSYS-159] - All a color table to be passed in, e.g., a ScalarMap with color index table or DisplayType * [EMXSYS-161] - Create a Time Controller TopComponent * [EMXSYS-163] - Perform terrestrial shading calculation * [EMXSYS-164] - Use hi accuracy terrain model instead of altitude based terrain model * [EMXSYS-165] - Ensure sunrise and sunset are computed for latitude and date * [EMXSYS-170] - Add Clock Widget to Time Animation Widget * [EMXSYS-171] - Improve performance by resampling only the animated particle variables * [EMXSYS-172] - Perform particle rendering in worker thread * [EMXSYS-179] - Allow input of 1 to many days * [EMXSYS-180] - Allow selection of a temperature profile/senario * [EMXSYS-181] - Allow selection of a humidity profile/scenario * [EMXSYS-182] - Improve Wind input - current UI is crude * [EMXSYS-183] - Add an animation State variable: RUNNING | PAUSED | STOPPED * [EMXSYS-184] - Sync CPS dashboard time to Fireground timeset * [EMXSYS-187] - Add terrain read/write support for fire behavior model * [EMXSYS-188] - Add fuel type read/write support to fire behavior model * [EMXSYS-189] - Add fuel moisture read/write support to fire behavior model * [EMXSYS-190] - Add fuel temps read/write support to fire behavior model * [EMXSYS-191] - Add button to stop the animation * [EMXSYS-192] - Add fire behavior read/write support * [EMXSYS-193] - Deal with re-saving data that was read from disk (e.g., temporal and spatial domains) * [EMXSYS-198] - Each CPS project/fireground needs its own TimeController * [EMXSYS-199] - Sync TimeController to current project timeset * [EMXSYS-200] - Arbitrate between interactive mode and animation mode--within and between projects * [EMXSYS-201] - Sync start animation and cancel animation actions to TimeController start/stop buttons * [EMXSYS-204] - Add FuelModelProvider service * [EMXSYS-205] - Modify FuelTypeModel to use a specific FuelModelProvider * [EMXSYS-206] - Restrict firegrounds to just one sector to avoid complications * [EMXSYS-207] - Only allow one sector to be animated at a time; cancel running animations when started Release Notes - Emergency Management Expert Systems - Version 20130504 v3.1.2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Bug * [EMXSYS-120] - Find Places fails: Yahoo Gazetteer service has been shutdown * [EMXSYS-124] - Splash screen image displays wrong version number. Release Notes - Emergency Management Expert Systems - Version 20130501 v3.1.1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Bug * [EMXSYS-35] - Markers are not released when a project is closed * [EMXSYS-36] - Symbology is not released when a project is closed * [EMXSYS-46] - TacticalSymbol throws an exception and fails to draw label * [EMXSYS-47] - Cannot distinguish the selected MIL-STD-2525 graphic; highlighting is needed * [EMXSYS-72] - New Project action fails to launch New Project Wizard * [EMXSYS-73] - Shapefiles do not display on the virtual globe * [EMXSYS-75] - Markers do not appear when a project is reopened * [EMXSYS-77] - Project actions are not context sensitive to the current project * [EMXSYS-80] - RibbonBar Toggle Button doesn't conform to UI color scheme * [EMXSYS-86] - GIS Viewer node selection doesn't work until after a node is selected in Project * [EMXSYS-87] - Map View is not in Tools | Show task pane * [EMXSYS-90] - Wrong icons displayed for MILSTD2525 Affliliation and Status * [EMXSYS-91] - It is difficult to deselect a Tactical Graphic * [EMXSYS-92] - Deselecting a Friendly or Neutral Tactical Graphic resets the color to Hostile Affiliation * [EMXSYS-98] - Remove obsolete Activate Project button * [EMXSYS-100] - Activating the Navigator window causes NullPointerExceptions * [EMXSYS-101] - The selected Feature appears twice in the WorldWind navigator's lookup resultset * [EMXSYS-115] - GML .XSD files appear in project folders * [EMXSYS-117] - Symbols dragged from the palette leave persistent artifacts on the screen * [EMXSYS-118] - Sector Selector border gets out of sync with selected region when resizing ** Improvement * [EMXSYS-33] - Choose or confirm the project when adding Markers * [EMXSYS-34] - Activate the parent project when a user double-clicks a Marker * [EMXSYS-88] - Make Markers, Symbols and Graphics XML conform to Geo REST services * [EMXSYS-96] - Add Icons for Tactical Symbols in Project View * [EMXSYS-99] - Allow Basic Project extensions to override the project icon * [EMXSYS-114] - Add support for 64-bit Windows 8 ** New Feature * [EMXSYS-38] - Create a Geomatics Project Type * [EMXSYS-76] - Add support for Catalan language (cs locale) * [EMXSYS-78] - Add ability to register software * [EMXSYS-81] - Add Toggle Full Screen functionallity * [EMXSYS-82] - Add current crosshair coordinates to status bar ** Task * [EMXSYS-39] - Internationalize all Buttons * [EMXSYS-79] - GIS Refactoring * [EMXSYS-85] - Add Logical Nodes for Basic Project Folders * [EMXSYS-108] - Register Entity Catalog for WorldWind module XML schemas * [EMXSYS-112] - Hide XML schemas in the Project Logical View * [EMXSYS-113] - Automatically open and convert legacy MarkerCatalog ** Sub-task * [EMXSYS-103] - Restrict Drag and Drop to specific MIME types Release Notes - Emergency Management Expert Systems - Version 20121011 v3.0.b2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ** Bug * [EMXSYS-31] - View Controls toggle button is disabled * [EMXSYS-56] - Mac menubar layout ordering is disorganized * [EMXSYS-58] - License text on splash screens needs updating. * [EMXSYS-59] - License text on installer needs updating. * [EMXSYS-66] - Fuel Moisture Panel not compatible with Nimbus LAF * [EMXSYS-67] - WorldWind IconRetreiver can't find icons on Mac ** New Feature * [EMXSYS-60] - Add Catalonia Maps ** Task * [EMXSYS-40] - Add comprehensive Tooltips to all RibbonBar buttons
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