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README The USBimage is for 16GB USBstick. For installation Installation ------------------------------------------------------------- Unpack and copy the Image to an 16GB USBstick gunzip -c plextor_usbimage_16GB.img.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdXX put the USBstick in a Computer and start the system User: plextor Password: plextor Important: 1. Do never update the system, it will breaks the wisgodrivers 2. Put in the USB Plextor Videoconverter after system has start successfully Work with Plextor -------------------------------------------------------------- It's easy to work with Plextor over SSH. Login with ssh plextor@plextor.local -XY Then you can use the commandlinetool "gorecord" (recommended) Or the graphical tool "gogo-mini" Use "halt" or "shutdown -h now" to turn of the system. Have Fun!
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