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Use 2.12.4 stable version unless you are ready to tolerate crashes, possibly losing unsaved data etc. You have been warned. This is an experimental snapshot of the current state of the subversion source. These releases are made available to allow users to try out the current code without needing to compile, and participate in development discussions concerning new and changing features. We also appreciate any help testing the current code. --- Source in this release includes: - all files from the subversion repository - note that Web folder was removed - it is now own repository at http://bitbucket.org/kimmov/winmerge-web Binary includes - WinMergeU.exe - expat and pcre dll:s - Manual - Filters - Plugins - ShellExtension dll (UNICODE & 64-bit versions) - Translation PO files --- This version moves to VS 2008 as release compiler and uses VS 2008 runtimes. Support for Windows 95, 98, ME and NT4 is dropped. DLL injection vulnerability is fixed: - Microsoft Security Advisory (2269637) - Secunia advisory SA41143 (http://secunia.com/advisories/41143) Changes: WinMerge 2.13.14 - 2010-09-15 (r7263) Update release compiler and runtimes to VS2008 Remove ANSI binaries from distribution Drop support for W95, W98, WME and NT4 Update to PCRE 8.10 (r7210) Update SCEW to 1.1.2 (r7212) In-line difference highlighting improvement (#3022014) Make comment filtering work for folder compare (#3046938) Recognize .ascx files as ASP files (#3042393) Comment filtering improvement (#3034083) Allow giving encoding name as custom codepage (#2813825, #3010934) Installer: Drop Windows 9x/ME/NT4 support from InnoSetup (#3025078) Bugfix: Untranslated string ("Merge.rc:nnnn") was displayed in status bar (#3025855) Bugfix: Options dialog didn't update when importing settings from .ini file. (#2794137) Bugfix: New fix for the bug #2210403 (#2929005) Bugfix: Take changed compareoptions into use in folder compare (#3046938) Bugfix: "Copy and advance" toolbar icons not automatically enabled (#3033325) Bugfix: Location pane focus enabled "Save" (#3022292) Bugfix: WinMerge was vulnerable to DLL hijacking as described in Microsoft Security Advisory (2269637) (#33056008) Bugfix: Fix crash with long paths (#3056974) Translation updates: - Chinese (#3033324) - French (#3025202)
Source: readme.txt, updated 2010-09-15