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======= versions 2.4.3/2.5.3 -------------- fix incorrect #line directives in win_flex.exe see https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=542482 ======= versions 2.4.2/2.5.2 -------------- backport parallel invocations of win_bison version 2.7 win_bison of version 3.0 is unchanged versions 2.4.1/2.5.1 -------------- remove XSI extention syntax for fprintf function (not implemented in windows) this fixes Graphviz files generation for bison NOTE: 2.4.x versions will include bison version 2.7 2.5.x versions will include bison version 3.0 version 2.5 -------------- upgrade win_bison to version 3.0 and make temporary win_bison's files process unique (so parallel invocations of win_bison are possible) NOTE: There are several deprecated features were removed in bison 3.0 so this version can break your projects. Please see http://savannah.gnu.org/forum/forum.php?forum_id=7663 For the reason of compatibility I don't change win_flex_bison-latest.zip to refer to win_flex_bison-2.5.zip file. It still refer to win_flex_bison-2.4.zip version 2.4 -------------- fix problem with "m4_syscmd is not implemented" message. Now win_bison should output correct diagnostic and error messages. version 2.3 -------------- hide __attribute__ construction for non GCC compilers version 2.2 -------------- added --wincompat option to win_flex (this option changes <unistd.h> unix include with <io.h> windows analog also isatty/fileno functions changed to _isatty/_fileno) fixed two "'<' : signed/unsigned mismatch" warnings in win_flex generated file version 2.1 -------------- fixed crash when execute win_bison.exe under WindowsXP (argv[0] don't have full application path) added win_flex_bison-latest.zip package to freeze download link version 2.0 -------------- upgrade win_bison to version 2.7 and win_flex to version 2.5.37 version 1.2 -------------- fixed win_flex.exe #line directives (some #line directives in output file were with unescaped backslashes) version 1.1 -------------- fixed win_flex.exe parallel invocations (now all temporary files are process specific) added FLEX_TMP_DIR environment variable support to redirect temporary files folder added '.exe' to program name in win_flex.exe --version output (CMake support) fixed win_bison.exe to use /data subfolder related to executable path rather than current working directory
Source: README.txt, updated 2014-06-17