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Winboard 4.5 for JAWS and NVDA is a free and highly accessible Chess program that can be operated entirely by keyboard and interfaces with the JAWS and the free NVDA screen readers to supply blind users audio feedback of board conditions in real time while using their tactile boards. Players who can not use a mouse benefit from the full keyboard control. Partial sighted players can use high contrast and adjust piece and board size. Available languages are English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Russian which are selectable during setup. Much reading is needed to learn about all of the programs uses for chess but a quick start can be made after reading "Setting Up WinBoard 4.5 for JAWS.doc" or the more detailed "Winboard 4.5 for JAWS.doc" found in the "doc" folder of the installation directory which is at C:\WinBoard. The Program is a modification of the long standing Winboard Chess GUI and has all of the functions of that unmodified version and represents the state of the art among all chess programs and is highly stable. Operating systems are from Windows 95 32-bit and up. The included Chess and Variant Chess engine programs, the super strong "Fruit 2.1" engine for regular chess and the "Fischer Random chess variant" and variant "FairyMax" and "MaxQi" engines work as opponents or can output position analysis. Some of the Variant game selections are in a development and do not function, however the most popular ones all work. Internet Chess Server play is available at the popular "FICS" chess server where the player can chat and play chess with other players from all over the world. Guests may play immediately by connecting from the programs initial "Start Up" dialog or a free membership may be applied for at freechess.org. Winboard 4.5 for JAWS and NVDA is free and open source under the GNU license. Questions may be asked at the email address found at the end of the "Winboard 4.5 for JAWS.doc" or you may register at the Winboard forum and navigate to the "WinBoard development and bugfixing" page. Find the Winboard Forum at this web address, http://www.open-aurec.com/wbforum/index.php Best Regards, Chess Dave
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