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A tool for writing images to USB sticks or SD/CF cards

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  • thriftee
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    I think it changes the size of the SD card to the size of whatever you write to it, so if you put a 750 mb iso onto an 8 gb flashdrive, it reduces the size of the flashdrive to 750 mb. I found a way to reformat it back to 8 gb. Reformat it with antiX linux. I found out I had messed up 4 of my flashdrives with it so I went through all of them and reformatted all the ones that were "downsized". Maybe the program isn't intended to be used with flashdrives?

    Posted 12/31/2014
  • desha01
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    thanks a lot

    Posted 12/14/2014
  • nightsoular
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    version 0.9.5. sobre win 8 64 bits. Me dejo inservible un pendrive de 8GB, no se puede formatear, cambio la capacidad. Volví a pasarle la misma versión con otra imagen distinta y dijo q escribió todo y lo mismo no lo lee, ni en el explorador de archivos ni booteando desde el pendrive. No solo no me sirvió para lo q quería sino q me daño el pendrive. Actualización: Use el EaseUS Partition Master Free para eliminar particiones y dejar el tamaño original del pendrive. Actualización2: Me aclararon algo q suponía, no es error del programa y tampoco me dejo inservible el pendrive. Sino que el programa al grabar la imagen raw modifica la tabla de particiones ( Para volver a usar el pendrive no alcanza con un formateo, sino hay q armar de vuelta la tabla de particiones para usar el pendrive con toda la capacidad. Además la no lectura del contenido grabado en el pendrive era por no instalar los drivers necesarios para leer particion ext3 en Win8 que era lo q contenía la .img grabada. Me parece muy baja la clasificación que había puesto así q la subo. Gracias por su respuesta.

    Posted 11/24/2014
  • nuncio
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    I use this to archive and duplicate main system disks on micro SD cards. This way I have a consistent disk image that can be version controlled. Thanks!

    Posted 11/19/2014
  • estol
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    Posted 09/29/2014
  • yegorich
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    Very useful tool.

    Posted 08/18/2014
  • andybaker53
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    I have used this successfully in the past but this version generates an error when installing and doesn't work. Have tried it on 4 different computers, running Windows 7 and Windows 8.

    Posted 08/11/2014
  • crackero10
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    pelo jeito é bom(good).

    Posted 07/26/2014
  • niittymaa
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    Posted 06/24/2014
  • sod5061
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    This program is fantastic. I was taken aback by how difficult it was to find a Windows program specifically to write .bin images to a USB drive, but this one does it beautifully. This was the answer to several workdays of headache. Very minimalistic UI, but chances are you're already familiar with image writing software capabilities - that's why you went out looking for this program in the first place!

    Posted 05/01/2014
  • mhanor
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    Excellent program. Simple and in working state, just what I need.

    Posted 04/17/2014
  • jpv50
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    This is really useful software for us. We do software development and we have scripts that generate linux filesystem images automaticaly and we make them available on an internal web server. People using windows machines can access the web server to download the linux filesystem image and use Win32DiskImager to write the linux filesystem image to a USB memory stick. They can then use the USB memory stick to update the embedded linux system we're in the process of developing. This software is great for us and has never given us any problems. We're currently using v0.8. There are a couple of feature request that would make it even better for us: first, the ability to verify that the image written to the USB memory stick has been correctly saved, and secondly, the ability to erase and reformat the USB memory stick after use so it can be used on windows again.

    Posted 03/20/2014
  • owes
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    Works for me (tm)

    Posted 03/17/2014
  • huangjs
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    Easy and straightforward to use

    Posted 03/11/2014
  • old-amber
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    This review is for the 0.9 version only. This would have gotten 5 starts from me if it had not destroyed my boot drive. Before you dismiss me as a n00b that can't follow directions, I have been a systems programmer since the early 80's and I know what I am doing. There is a bug in this version that appears (based on other reviews) to rear its ugly head only occasionally. It hit me and had I not had a RAID mirror running I would be looking at a system rebuild. I downloaded a live (bootable) image for a USB, pointed to it with Win32DiskImager and selected the only drive in the drop-down (the E: drive) which was correct for the very high quality USB that was inserted and fully tested for read/write. When I chose Write (which copies the iso image to the USB) it looked like it was running nicely. USB was blinking and the system appeared to be working perfectly. Suddenly the PC went dark. I am running Windows 7 Professional. The system would not reboot. I rebuilt the damaged disk using my RAID mirror and was able to restore a working system, but -- if I did not have this I would be facing a major system rebuild. Other than that, this is a nice neat program that is simple to use. If I had not experienced this behavior on my system it would be part of my toolkit. I liked the ease of use enough that I might try it again one day - when it gets a version upgrade and I have a spare machine with which I do not mind experimenting. Until then I cannot even tell you how the support system rates because I will not try it again on this machine. I would have liked to see a better help system with clearer messages. Also, the Browse function took a long time to come up on my machine so there may be some issues where this is a telling condition. If you try this program, I would like to advise you to do so on a non-critical machine. If you have a Linux machine of any flavor it may be better to just use that and do a DD copy (make certain you choose the correct device).

    Posted 03/05/2014
  • anders49
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    Works just fine transferring img for beaglebone black from win7 machine Thank you for jour nice piece of work

    Posted 01/29/2014
  • kevin234
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    utter crap bricked 3 micro cards done exactly what it said on the ******* instructions

    Posted 01/19/2014
  • a_walz
    1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

    This tool is very easy to use and reliable. Transferring my Raspberry Pi disk image to another SD card worked flawlessly. Thank you.

    Posted 01/01/2014
  • regcollector
    1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5

    Good software! For those who crying about “it spoils my drive”, etc.: do not let the simple interface blinds you, you are trying to accomplish a serious system job, be educated, be careful with options, watch warnings and other dialogs, do not rush, think twice! And everything will be fine with your hard drives, etc. The apps itself is statically linked, easy to use and doing what it is intended to do perfectly. Nice little buddy and useful tool. Good job and respect to the author. Thanks a lot for your time and effort!

    Posted 12/20/2013
  • asbjornm
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    This software just overwrote my external USB hardrive, an 1TB WD MyBook.. First time I started it, it listed only my usbcard readers, second time, it listed only one usbcard reader, and my external drive (which was not listed first time), and selected the external drive first.. So beware of this thing.. And now I'm looking for something to rescue my drive..

    Posted 09/29/2013
  • oro12
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    Used this Software to write a image file to my 2Gb SHDC chip on a USB 2.0 Micro SD Card Reader on a Dell XPS17 Win7 Ultimate SP1 64Bit OS. At the same time I had attached 2x USB 3.0 WD My Passport 2TB Model WD20NMVW Hard Drives loaded with 2 Year of supper important work. One formatted as Fat32 and the other with the same Data as a Backup on a NTFS File format. After using Win32 Disk Imager Release 0.9 for Windows to write the *.3ds file to the Flash Drive it did perform this task well but at the same time it did also format the other two attached USB 2TB WD Drives. Now 2 days later after using all kind of Partition and File Recovery Software such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro or Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Pro or Paragon Partition Manager 12 Pro or Hirens 15 Boot DVD, I still haven't been able to recover the Data. I didn't touch or install the Drives since I won't risk to lose more. It took Win32 Disk Imager Release 0.9 less than 10 sec to erase all and I assume it must be some kind of Partition Table or Root Sector such as a Quick format type thing, but the data must me there. So my hint is, if you use this Software disconnect any other US Drive. It also doesn't show the 3ds content before writing it would be a nice feature. Any tips greatly welcome...

    Posted 09/22/2013
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