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Thank you for your interest in the WiKID Strong Authentication System. We have made a number of changes in the 3.0 release, mostly in the underlying architecture. We are continuing to move away from an appliance-only model. As such, we have moved from multiple controller scripts (setup, start, stop, etc) to a single 'wikidctl' script that takes arguments start, stop, etc. We have packaged all webapps as WAR files and bundled Tomcat 5.5 with the server, though you can drop the WARs into an existing servlet container. You need postgresql and Sun's JDK (not just the jre) to be installed. The package also likes to have a symlink to java in /opt, though the RPM will attempt to autocreate that link. #ln -s /usr/java/jdk1.5.0_11/ /opt/java Make sure that alternatives has the correct Java: #/usr/sbin/alternatives --install /usr/bin/java java /opt/java/bin/java 2 #/usr/sbin/alternatives --config java Install the WiKID RPM. #rpm -ivh wikid-server-community.NNN.rpm #/opt/WiKID/sbin/wikidserver_config.sh #/opt/WiKID/conf/templates/wikid-firstboot.sh Then run setup: #/opt/WiKID/bin/wikidctl setup Select that you want to change your network settings. The script will pick up your existing network settings, walk you through them and create an SSL cert for the server. Once done, start the server: #/opt/WiKID/bin/wikidctl start #/opt/WiKID/bin/wikidctl stop Go to http://<servername> to complete the set up. From here, you can follow the standard documentation. If you like short docs, I recommend the Quickstart Cheatsheet: http://www.wikidsystems.com/documentation/installation-documentation/ Ports: The WiKID token clients require port 80. You can use NAT, but it needs to be routable for the token clients. The following services may only need internal access based on your needs: The WiKIDAdmin uses 443. wAuth uses 8388 LDAP uses 10389 TACACS+ uses 49 Support: Please report bugs via sourceforge. We monitor the forums and we have an irc channel: irc.freenode.com: #wikid
Source: WiKID_Community_Edition3.0.0-beta-README.txt, updated 2007-06-15