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* WebCollab 3.31 - Baldy * ---------------------------- Welcome to WebCollab 3.31: This is a bug and security fix version with two changes. Internet Security Auditors have found a HTTP Response Splitting Vulnerablity in the 'help' files (CVE-2013-2652).This vulnerability would appear to have been present since the first released version of WebCollab, and is not considered to be high impact. Nevertheless, all users are recommended to upgrade. As an alternative to upgrading, add the file '[webcollab]/help/help_language.php' from this release to any earlier release, overwriting the existing file of the same name. A bug in setting passwords with PHP 5.5+ has been fixed. An internal function shared a common name with a new reserved function in PHP 5.5. * MD5 Sums * ------------ 39778e0792228e0c8cd49eb014873d6f webcollab-3.31.tar.gz 815e3a6c604a065e0080fb7fa671cc37 webcollab-3.31.zip
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