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* WebCollab 3.21 - Kaitake * ---------------------------- * What's New * -------------- Welcome to WebCollab 3.21: This version is similar to the previous 3.10/3.20 release, but has bugfixes and minor features improvements. Note that for upgrades, setup.php must be run to add and write the small change in the config file. See below for more details. Note that in versions 3.00 and 3.10, when a task/project was deleted the uploaded files were not physically deleted from the server due to a coding bug. This was unlike all other versions of WebCollab where uploaded files are physically deleted with projects/tasks. This bug is now fixed, and files will be deleted when the task/project is deleted. This version 3.21 is a re-release of version 3.20 with WebCollab Bug #3535626 fixed. This was in fact not a WebCollab bug, but a database bug present in some versions of PHP. * MD5 Sums * ------------ 65616ba0d80ee55c67051378ebe76873 webcollab-3.21.tar.gz de4619c1f3710e111b4fae4e664195a5 webcollab-3.21.zip * CHANGELOG * ------------- *Improvements - allow for selection of database port in config file - improve initial connection setting in MySQL - refactor code in index.php - add db_delim() and db_epoch() functions to simplify code - simplify some database code *Bugfixes - bugfix: PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_INIT_COMMAND constant is buggy is some versions of PHP (Bug #3535626) - bugfix: Error box in setup - bugfix: improve utf-8 validation regex (Thanks to Gijs Boer) - bugfix: Improved bugfix for clone project recursive database calls - bugfix: Improved bugfix for task_summary_list (Bug #3469913 ) - add db_fetch_all() to enable bugfixes above - bugfix: Don't show duplicate post listings in forum menubox - bugfix: setup7 gives database error with no email selected (Credit: travier) - bugfix: uploaded files for task not deleted when tasks deleted
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