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* WebCollab 2.71 - Terminus * ------------------------------ Welcome to WebCollab 2.71: This version is a bugfix version for WebCollab 2.70 (May Queen). This version has been produced as a last stable version of the 2.xx series. The bugs fixed are all minor. The next release will be WebCollab 3.00, which will require updated PHP version, and will only be available in UTF-8. The UTF-8 version of WebCollab is recommended for all users, provided the optional mb_strings library is installed in PHP. For users with languages other than English, the UTF-8 version is strongly recommended because it has far superior internationalisation. *MD5 Sums* ---------- 501d846f70753c2a0a2815919535efd7 webcollab-2.71.tar.gz 7868466d16912c357e8aa98058f1d3bb webcollab-utf8-2.71.tar.gz 93c3422731f4be560c3eb089dc48e98f webcollab-2.71.zip f2aff02470abeddecf1e00d72873a220 webcollab-utf8-2.71.zip *CHANGELOG* ----------- *Improvements - change cookie deletion in logout.php - improve error detection in archive_submit and forum_submit_add *Bugfixes - bugfix: DTSTAMP showing no date in icalendar - bugfix: private usergroups not listed correctly - bugfix: correct box handling in update.php - bugfix: Use UTF8-string splitter in box_shorten() where appropriate *Translations - none
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