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On the first run you will need to input your Zip Code. If you get an error message stating: "Subscript used with non-Array variable" then please check your Zip Code via - the Wunderground.com website and verify they can locate your area. If they do, double check you input it correct - in the Preferences.ini file. If you still cannot get it to accept your Zip Code and both are correct, open a - ticket for the program with as much information/pictures as possible. This program is currently in Alpha state because Wunderground doesn't have a listing of all of their statuses - IE "Cloudy" "Rain" "Thunder Storm" so until I can capture all of those statuses it will sometimes crash. - If you do get an error message saying "Error" please go to the Wunderground.com website and input your zip code - and note the statuses on the 6 day weather indicator and post it as a ticket on SourceForge. If you cannot see an image after you have exited a full-screen app. or minimization please hit "Refresh" via the - context menu or the Tray Menu (Right Clicking the icon in the System Tray, far right corner) If any of the "days" do not show IE (Tonight, Saturday, Sunday ect.) simply open the Days.ini and input the needed - day into this file like the others. For instance look on the context menu in the program (Right Click on the GUI) - and check which day isn't showing. If it is "Saturday Night" then put into the Days.ini - Under [Days] go to the bottom of the section and add a new line starting with the next numerical value like so - 16=Satuday Night and then go to the [XY] section and at the bottom add a new line like so - Satuday Night=18,10 (If you restart the program and go back to it and it looks unaligned, just mess with the - 18 part of this and restart the program each time until it looks right. Any questions or suggestions please post on SourceForge!
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