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Mod created by Traver Cashman (aka Shadow Wolf TJC on http://wz2100.net) Version 0.0 (the 1st beta) created on 5/31/2012. With help from: - NoQ - Black Project - Aubergine - Jorzi License: CC-BY-SA Note: uses some source material from Black Project's Nostalgia Mod, NoQ's Ultimate Scavengers Mod and Paradise and Volcanic Tilesets (which, in turn, uses some of Jorzi's .pie models), and Aubergine's skybox mods. NullBot Contingency created by NoQ. What started as a mod to balance out the old Warzone 2100 gameplay experience later turned into something more, something akin to an expansion pak. Notable changes: - Pretty much rebalanced the gameplay from scratch. - Upgrades now progress exponentially instead of additively. - Added many new weapons to each of the weapon lines, including some weapons that are designed to deal with threats that the weapon line is traditionally weak towards, and also some that combine technologies from 2 or more weapon lines. - Added 2 new body groups, Birds of Prey and Swords, and added a light and medium body to go along with the Wyvern and Dragon bodies. - Added new ultra-heavy multi-turret bodies to each of the vehicle body lines, though they'll require factory upgrades to unlock. (Added since patch 0.5) - Higher-tiered bodies now tend to have smaller engines than lower-tiered bodies, so players would need to research engine upgrades if they want to use these higher-tiered bodies without them being slowed down. - Propulsions: -- Hovercraft are now the heaviest propulsion (but still the fastest ground-based propulsion), while tracks are now the lightest (but still the slowest). -- VTOL speeds slightly reduced. -- Cyborg speed was reduced. Lighter cyborgs are now as fast as Half-Tracked vehicles, while Heavy Cyborgs are now as fast as Tracked vehicles. - Structures: -- Added many new defensive structures, most notably several new fortresses (such as Laser Fortresses and Machinegun Fortresses), as well as Firebases (fortress-sized emplacements mounting fortress-weight turrets). -- Increased factory and research lab limits to 10, so that players in high-oil games would be less likely to have more power than they know what to do with. Note: may cause issues with trying to assign factories to commanders, though reducing the limit of factories should fix that. -- Increased Power Generator limits to 64 so that players could opt to either build enough Power Generators to support as many Derricks as they want, or to have some spares in case 1 or more of them get destroyed. -- Increased HQ and Command Relay Center limits to 128, so that players could opt to build redundant HQs or Command Relay Centers in case one of them gets destroyed. -- Removed limits on Repair Facilities and VTOL Rearming Pads. -- Tank Traps, although still cheaper, and lacking in HP compared to Hardcrete Walls, now have more HP-per-price than walls. In fact, players could quickly erect cheap, surprisingly durable blockades with them. - Research: -- Players start with the ability to research Machineguns, Engineering, Light Body - Bug, Half-Tracks, Tank Traps, and Steel Tower Construction. -- Most defensive structures can now be researched instantly (with the notable exception of fortresses and firebases), though they'll now require players to research the structure's body, in addition to researching the structure's turret. -- Lasers were moved to T2. They now require Dedicated Synaptic Link Data Analysis. -- VTOL Propulsion moved to T2. They now require an engine upgrade that, in turn, requires Dedicated Synaptic Research Data Analysis. -- Mini-Rocket Pods now require HE Cannon Shells and Fuel Injection Engine to unlock. -- Although Flamers still require Fuel Injection Engine to unlock, Fuel Injection Engine now requires Power Module and Light Body - Bug to unlock, which makes them take a longer time to research. -- Power Module, Research Module, and Repair Facility now only require Engineering to unlock. -- Hardcrete Walls now require Tank Traps and Research Module to unlock. -- Composite Alloys now only provide HP bonuses. Reactive Armor upgrades now serve to upgrade the Kinetic Armor of units. -- Composite Alloys now require Repair Facility, Half-Tracks, and Synaptic Link Data Analysis to unlock. -- Factory Module now requires Light Body - Bug, Half-Tracks, and Power Module to unlock. -- Sensor Turret now requires Research Module to unlock. -- LasSat Command Post no longer requires Satellite Uplink, or any sensor technology for that matter, to unlock. Change log: Version 0.7.9: - Reorganized rules.js into a more modular include-driven format to allow more flexibility and support for map-mods. - Fixed bug that was causing Super Transports to not be able to carry tanks. Version 0.7.8: - Added several new sitrep messages, including ones when a truck, transport, or commander is attacked or destroyed, and when a LasSat Command Post is ready. - Added visible laser pointers to several weapon .pie models, such as T2 Hyper-Velocity Cannons, T3 Railguns, Punisher Gattling Guns, Hellfury Gauss Miniguns, and Laser Cannons. - Increased unit limits to 40 construction units per player, 40 commanders per player, and 400 units per player overall. (Only works on 3.2 versions of Warzone 2100, which Contingency isn't yet compatable with.) Version 0.7.7: - Added voice messages for when a player is "revived" by receiving droids and/or structures from another player, and when an object is transferred to another player. - Scavengers were no longer given the "NEXUS Immunity" tech since players could collect it as a random artifact drop from a destroyed Scavenger factory. - Ultimate Scavenger Addon changes: -- Scavengers now have a few new weapons to play with, such as RPG Scavengers, and Scavenger Tanks. -- Scavengers will now wait until 1.5 minutes have passed before sending out Cranes to secure remote oil resources. -- Scavengers will now wait until 3 minutes have passed before building attack forces, and until 5 minutes have passed before sending out attack forces. -- Scavengers will now wait until 15 minutes have passed before building VTOL factories and producing Choppers. Version 0.7.6: - Power generation from Wind Turbines now scales based on power settings. - Fixed a bug in power generation code for INSANE difficulty AI players that was causing them to not receive extra power from oil derricks (on version 3.1 of Warzone 2100). - Modified VTOL propulsion .pie models for ultra-heavy VTOLs so that the wings and engines would no longer appear to float some distance from the body. - Added new .pie models for several Cyborgs, mostly from the Artillery and Rocket lines. Version 0.7.5: - Enabled "HvyCyborgLegs" component in rules.js so that AIs can detect that it's already researched, and thus, successfully build Heavy Cyborgs. - Upgraded NullBot Contingency that comes built in to some versions of Contingency from the 1.39 version to the 2.0 version. Version 0.7.4: - Adjusted timer for power generation from every .2 seconds to every 1 second in an effort to free up some memory. - Changed starting tech when starting a T1 game with preset bases enabled. - Started work on making Contingency more compatable with master builds (though haven't yet finished working on it). - Due to the presence of a bug in base Warzone 2100 that causes it to crash when loading and saving games while more than 1 mod was loaded at a time, I've started providing an alternate version of Contingency with NullBot Contingency (which was normally downloaded separately) and Ultimate Scavengers AI (which was normally bundled as an addon for Contingency) built in. Version 0.7.3: - Insane-difficulty AIs no longer retain defensive structures upon start of a No Bases or Small Bases game, though they now have the following advantages: 1. They receive twice the starting power. 2. The rate at which they gain power through Wind Turbines is doubled. 3. They receive a little additional power for every Oil Derrick they own (even ones that lack power generators). 4. They start the game with Engineering already researched, meaning they can set up bases a bit faster, and research more advanced technologies sooner. All of these properties should allow Insane-difficulty AIs in general to perform stronger on Advanced Base game settings, which start with all players' defenses preserved anyways. - Increased price of Proto-Railgun Bunkers and Hardpoints. - Due to the fact that the Addons section will be returning soon (and that only .wz files are accepted), the bundle will be renamed from a .zip file into a .wz file (though .wz files can still be opened like .zip files if you try to open it with WinRAR, 7-zip, etc.). Version 0.7.2: - Doubled the power of all Tactical Ballistic Missile Launchers so that they may more effectively destroy their intended targets. -- However, Oblivion TBM Launcher's power was increased by 166% instead, and its damage type was changed to Anti-Tank. A fully-upgraded Oblivion should now be able to one-shot a fully-upgraded Sabretooth Tracks or Plasteel Bunker, 2-shot a fully-upgraded Plasteel Firebase or Dragon Tracks, and 4-shot a fully-upgraded Plasteel Fortress. On the other hand, it is now less optimized against medium tanks and emplacements, which now have far less HP than is needed to one-shot them. - Loosened tech requirements for Harbinger TBM Launcher so that TBMs would be a bit more accessible to players other than rocket specialists. It no longer requires Tank Killer rockets as a prerequisite, and Ripple Rockets (one of the Harbinger's prerequisites) now require Mini-Rocket Arrays as a prerequisite instead of Rocket Assault Arrays. - Increased Bunker Buster and Devastator damage by 10%. - Increased Proto-Railgun damage by 73%, but decreased rate-of-fire by 20%, and increased price and build points by 32%. It should now be able to one-shot a Supercrete Bunker with 4 structure upgrades as soon as it's researched. - Scavengers now start off with a little power. This is so that they'll be able to simultaneously churn out a few cranes from multiple factories at the start. Before this patch, some players would encounter Scavenger cranes building stuff closer to their base earlier than other players. Version 0.7.1: - Fixed broken Railgun ROF research prerequisites. Version 0.7: - Created a new .pie model for the Wind Turbine. It's now ready for players to use. - Adjusted timer for power generation so that it plays every .2 seconds instead of every .125 seconds (which wasn't working consistently). Version 0.6.2: - Made the Super Machinegunner able to hit VTOLs (like it should've done earlier). - Modified the optional Ultimate Scavenger AI so that it produces VTOLs after 10 minutes pass by instead of 4 minutes. - Increased rates at which Scavengers produce units, repair units, and generate power, but reduced their rate of constructing new buildings. - Imported palm tree and crystal models from NoQ's volcanic and paradise tilesets. - Added scripting that gives players 1 power point every 5 seconds. Version 0.6.1: - Since wz2100.net's upload size limit was just increased to 10 MB, I won't have to split up the mod anymore. Version 0.6: - Players now start with a few railgun upgrades already researched. This should make the Proto Railgun much stronger upon being researched, which should be helpful for those players (especially machinegun users) that focus on weapon lines other than the cannon/railgun line. -- Cannon and Railgun upgrades were merged in T3, though are now split for T2. - New title graphics! - Replaced Project logos and HQ model with New Paradigm logos and HQ model (since the New Paradigm are planned to be the mod's protagonists instead of the Project). - Added 2 of Aubergine's skyboxes, which replace the urban and rockies skyboxes. The arizona skybox was replaced with the urban one. - Integrated NoQ's Ultimate Scavengers Mod material to Contingency. The Scavenger AI itself will be bundled as an optional add-on. - Due to how big the file size has become, this mod had to be split into multiple parts so that it could be uploaded to wz2100.net successfully. Version 0.5.1: - Moved all fortresses and firebases closer to the top of structures.txt so that players could more easily find them. - Fixed a bug that caused players to receive audio messages at the start of a game telling them that an enemy player was defeated (due to one or more player slots being closed for the match). - Attempted to force units that were transferred (whether through gift or NEXUS absorption) to stop what they're doing, though the code currently only works in 3.2 (master). Version 0.5: - Created new .pie files for the new multi-turret bodies. They are now ready for players to use, though they'll require factory upgrades to unlock. Version 0.4.3: - Added new Tankbuster Cannons, Railguns, and Lasers, and heavier versions of the Mini-Rocket Array, Rocket Assault Array, and Seraph Missile Array. - Added Sniper Nests. - Gave Plascrete Walls L and T-shaped .pie models to work with. - Changed Super Transport template's ID so that it could be properly built again. - Added new Multi-Turret Super Bodies, but have not yet enabled their use in-game. I'd like to give them new .pie models before I enable them. Version 0.4.2: - Added heavier versions of Lancer, Tank Killer, and Scourge. - Gave the Quad Minipod, Quad Assault Pod, and Quad Erinyes Missile Pod a slightly different model in order to distinguish them better from SAM weapons like the Sunburst and Cherub. - Doubled weight of Fuel-Air, Plasmite, and Earthquake Bomb due to the addition of multiple heavyweight VTOL turrets (both recently and in the future). - Gave Plasteel Walls some new .pie models. - Fixed bug that was preventing Supercrete, Plascrete, and Plasteel Walls from transforming into corner walls. Version 0.4.1: - Added new long-range SAM turret, Sunstorm (heavier counterpart to the Solar Flare SAM), and reintroduced Avenger SAM (as a lightweight counterpart to the Vindicator). - Greatly increased weight, price, and firepower of Vindicator, and gave it (and the Avenger) a new model. (The Solar Flare and Sunstorm are using the older models.) - Added new models for the various Repair Facilities. - Fixed bug that was causing structure limiter to not work with LasSat Command Center. Version 0.4: - Reduced construction speeds by 40%. - Reduced repair turret speeds by 40%, and reduced Auto-Repair speeds by 90%. - All defensive structures' research prerequisites loosened. They now only require researching the defenses that they'd make obsolete. (For example, Assault Gun Bunker would require Heavy Machinegun Bunker, which it replaces, as a prerequisite.) - Added Tornado AA, Cyclone AA, and Dust Devil AA, lighter versions of the Hurricane AA, Whirlwind AA, and Sandstorm AA respectively. - Dragon body now requires Factory Upgrades as a prerequisite. - Increased all flamers' splash radius from 32 to 64, so that they could set fire to structures. Version 0.3.3: - Added Quad Minipod, Quad Assault Pod, and Quad Erinyes Missile Pod for heavy vehicles to mount, as well as defenses that mount them. - Tripled production rate and price of Cyborg Factories so that players could spend as much power on producing Cyborgs from a single Cyborg Factory as they could on producing tanks from a single tank factory with 2 modules. - Moved AA Flak Cannon and Sunburst AA into late T1. - Hurricane AA and Whirlwind AA now require Twin Heavy Machinegun and Twin Assault Gun respectively, though they also now require fewer upgrades. - Doubled weight and rate-of-fire of the Rocketstorm, increased its price by about 2.3x, and gave it a new turret model so that it wouldn't seem redundant with the new Quad Erinyes Missile Pod turret (which has the same stats as the older Rocketstorm). - Increased the timer of CheckEndConditions in rules.js from 100ms to 1000ms. - Added body.ini file for use with master versions of Warzone 2100. (Thanks again NoQ. :) ) - Tier limiting support enabled. Added tier1limiter.js and tier2limiter.js (which are empty by default) to contingency.wz. Also bundled a couple optional tier-limiting mods that replace those 2 .js files with files that possess code that can set limits on what tiers of technology are available. Version 0.3.2: - Added a new tactical ballistic missile: Oblivion. This weapon was designed specifically to be used against individual high-proprity targets, such as fortresses and ultra-heavy tanks, as opposed to the area-of-effect damage of the other TBMs. - Increased the splash damage of the Hellshaker TBM, Earthquake Bomb, Ground Shaker, and Meteor Launcher, but reduced the direct damage of the Ground Shaker and Meteor Launcher. - TBM Emplacement prerequisites fixed. They should've required Plascrete Emplacement Construction as a prerequisite. Version 0.3.1: - Added heavier twin-barreled versions of the Vulcan, Punisher, and Hellfury, as well as defenses that mount them. - Reduced price of Heavy Laser Hardpoint and Heavy Laser Cannon Hardpoint. (They were supposed to be as expensive as a Heavy HPV Cannon Hardpoint.) Version 0.3: - Added heavier versions of existing flamers, along with emplacements that mount them. - Added missing prerequisite that was causing Proto-Railgun Hardpoints to be researchable without having to research Proto-Railguns. Version 0.2.3: - Added missing prerequisites for Heavy CB Turret and Hardened CB Tower. Version 0.2.2: - Updated readme file with new information. (I forgot to mention price changes to fixed-mounted turrets and the new .pie models for walls on version 0.2.) - Changed up the sound for the Sonic Disrupter a bit to make it seem more like it's looping (much like the machinegun sounds). - Added a few defensive structures that use some of the recently-added turrets. Version 0.2.1: - Applied quick hotfix to improperly-added Cyborg template. (Needs to have a unique ID.) Version 0.2: - Added 7 new turrets: Twin Leadsprayer, Twin Hellsprayer, Hellfury Gauss Minigun, Proto-Railgun, Fixed-Mounted Proto-Railgun, Sonic Disrupter, and Fixed-Mounted Sonic Disrupter. - Moved Leadsprayer, Hellsprayer, Sandstorm AA, Leadsprayer Fortress, and Hellsprayer Fortress into the Machineguns line. - Made it easier for players to research Gauss Mortars/Howitzers and Gauss Machineguns by having them require the new Proto-Railgun as a prerequisite, which itself requires little Cannon research. - Needlegun now requires Proto-Railgun as a prerequisite. - Increased Cyborg HP by 10% so that lighter All-Rounder and Anti-Tank weapons wouldn't kill them as quickly. - Increased damage of Anti-Personnel weapons by %10 so that not only would they be as deadly against Cyborgs as before, but they'd also be more potent against vehicles. - Removed more unneeded code from prresearch.txt (Thanks NoQ.) - Increased price of fixed-mounted turrets by 20%, from 66% of their rotary-turreted counterparts' prices to 80% of them. - New .pie models for Supercrete and Plascrete walls. They now resemble Collective and NEXUS walls. Version 0.1.2: - Changed Rocket Assault Pods and Erinyes Missile Pods from ANTI-TANK to ALL-ROUNDER. Version 0.1.1: - Trimmed prresearch.txt of unneeded code. - Fixed prerequisite for Gauss Cannon Bunker. Version 0.1: - Added feature: Obstructive Rocks - Added folder "objectDataContingency", and bundled it with the Contingency mod so that map designers can create maps with the mod's content. (Edit: Sorry, but I was unable to do that because the folder was too big.) Version 0.0.3: - Adjusted research icons in research.txt (most notably fixing wrong research icons used in Machinegun Accuracy upgrades) - Made the "Power Generator Required" and "Power Low" messages play once every 15 (in-game) seconds, as opposed to once every 10 seconds. Version 0.0.2: - Adjusted stats of Command Center and Hardcrete Sensor Towers. Command Centers should no longer be cheaper or more durable than Hardcrete Sensor Towers. Version 0.0.1: - Fixed faulty connector for "gnhacan.pie"
Source: Readme.txt, updated 2013-07-06