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DTM Digital Terrain Mapping 2011-05-31 1 weekly downloads
VR GIS Supersets 2007-02-05 6 weekly downloads
Image Locatable Holographics 2006-09-04 1 weekly downloads
VOICE 2006-08-28 1 weekly downloads
VR GIS 2006-08-28 1 weekly downloads
Html Documents 2006-08-28 1 weekly downloads
GRIP ICE 2006-08-28 2 weekly downloads
Tongs 2006-08-28 2 weekly downloads
Tracer 2006-08-28 2 weekly downloads
Common Sources 2006-08-27 2 weekly downloads
All_VRGIS_at_SF2011.zip 2011-05-31 35.1 MB 11 weekly downloads
readme.txt 2011-02-17 773 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
All_VRGIS_at_SF.zip 2011-02-17 34.8 MB 11 weekly downloads
All VR GIS files are included in All_VRGIS_at_SF.zip (34.8 MB) There is no install program, except for Borland BDE. See http://vrgis.sourceforge.net/ for information. How to Install VR GIS? * Make a directory and unzip the file in it. (C:\Program Files\vrgis is suggested) Actually I have a disk drive for my programs. F:\VRGIS * Make a Shortcut to vrgis.exe and Drag it into the Start/ Programs or your desktop to enable easily starting vrgis. * The first time VR GIS is run, go to the Program Options and set options as you desire... of course these can be changed at any time. Besides the program and its files installed in the program directory this program can install the Borland BDE database files required to process database activities.
Source: readme.txt, updated 2011-02-17