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To protect yourself when your VPN disconnects. It blocks Internet access and any others specified applications. It prevents unsecured connections after your VPN connection goes down and reload applications when reconnecting the VPN.

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  • Blocking traffic (P2P, Firefox...) in case of disconnection of the VPN
  • Automatically reconnect the VPN
  • Reload applications when VPN reconnected
  • Be sure to go through the VPN
  • Support PPTP and IPSec not OpenVPN


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  • xtremetic
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    The main advantage of VPN Lifeguard over similar programs is that it does not require .NET runtimes, it works with IPSEC and it is fairly simple without too many options and refinements. It does not support OpenVPN, but as I have no idea what OpenVPN is that does not bother me. Installation requires the VPN folder to be copied to a Windows partition and VpnLifeguard.exe executed to start the configuration. Once in the configuration dialogue I started one of my VPN connections and clicked 'List IP'. Once I returned to the main window I found that all my VPN connections were listed and all of them were tested to start with VPN Lifeguard. The 'softwares to manage' dialogue is erratic. When you click Browse the softwares to manage box stays open after you select a program and click Open. If you select 'Run on startup' in the Autorun section it will start VPN Lifeguard and open one of the VPN connections. If you do not want a VPN connection opened at startup select 'Run with windows startup'. This will add a shortcut to the Startup folder. You can edit the properties of this shortcut so that VPN Lifeguard starts minimized in the task bar. The main problem with this application is that it uses 100% of CPU while connecting on my lowly Pentium M system. This means that if it fails to connect due to a problem at the server end my PC becomes unusable for a while. Also I suspect that VPN Lifeguard has caused Windows startup to take longer.

    Posted 05/05/2015
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