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Version 0.05 ------------- - Support for http streams in playlist - Ability to map keys using :map command - Case insensitive sorting of windows - Password support Version 0.04 -------------- - Added find, findsong, findalbum, findartist commands - Added outputs and lists windows - Added songinfo window - Added seeking support - New settings timeremaining, ignorecase, smartcase, singlequit - Using proper queue update based on changes - Lots of network efficiency improvements Version 0.03 --------------- - Added volume, random, consume, repeat and single states to display - Cleaned up library interface, now much easier to read - Sped up the library colour determination - Added nocolour option to disable colours - Added expand-artists option to show artist level in library by default - Lots of crashing bug fixes Version 0.02.1 ---------------- - Added browse window similar to playlist but that contains all songs and can be used to add to playlist - Improved adding and delete commands and colour highlighting - Fixed so that it does not require config file - Lots of bug fixes Version 0.01 ---------------- - First release of vimpc - Still requires a lot of improved functionality and work - Supports playing of music from playlist or library - Basic modifications of the playlist via the library window - In program help by typing :help command - Has many bugs
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