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The following changes are made in the 4.6 release. 1. Fixed a bug in refreshing the folds in the taglist window when switching between Vim tabs with Tlist_Show_One_File enabled. 2. Preserve the alternate file when opening the taglist window. 3. Restore the 'cpo' option value properly when the loading of the plugin is stopped. 4. When the plugin is recursively sourced, don't change the 'cpo' setting to the default value. 5. If a filetype contains multiple file types separated by a dot, then use the first file type. 6. When displaying tag prototypes, trim the output to fit the window width. 7. Disable the 'relativenumber' option for the taglist window. 8. On MS-Windows, use writefile() to generate the temporary batch file instead of the redir command. This fixes a problem in using the generated batch file in multi-byte encoding environments. 9. Update the TlistShowTag command output to display the tag scope. 10. Add support for some more languages.
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