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Vidiot version history Release 0.3.13 (revision 1897) * German translation (well... done by a Dutch guy....) (r1891) * Dutch translation (r1890) * After using b/e to trim the trimmed clip is selected. (r1889) * Added menu option for reverting back to last saved state. (r1886) * Added support for translations. (r1882) * Fixed [#243]: Crash when closing multiple Vidiot windows simultaneously. (r1872) * Fixed [#246]: Automated scrolling during playback only works for a short time. (r1871) * 'v' key (reposition cursor) works during playback. (r1871) * Fixed [#249]: Crash when rendering AAC. (r1870) Release 0.3.12 (revision 1865) * Added option to enable/disable automatic track creation during drag and drop. (r1855) * Added [#221]: Change speed of video clips. (r1854) * Fixed [#240]: Preview not updated when undoing/​redoing. (r1852) * Fixed: After trimming the preview is not replaced with the view of the timeline at the cursor position. (r1852) * Fixed [#241]: When closing a pane, the view menu is not updated accordingly. (r1850) * Fixed [#238]: Crash when reducing the timeline size to zero. (r1849) * Improved Undo handling for editing clip details. (r1848) * Fixed bug where no scrollbar is generated when adding an audio track. (r1845) * Clip length change in Details View can also be triggered with keys '1' - '9' when editing in the timeline. (r1841) * Clip lengths in Details View customizable. (r1841) * Added [#235]: Trimming of only the audio (or video) part of a clip is now possible (by pressing 'u' during the trim operation). (r1840) Release 0.3.11 (revision 1839) * Selecting clips with Alt pressed now selects clips in all tracks. (r1838) * Fixed crash after left-clicking on an empty region and then pressing a button in the details view. (r1837) * Fixed crash when using copy/paste in the Project View. (r1836) * Added [#228]: When dragging clips, a new track is created (if required) during dragging. (r1834) * Upgraded ffmpeg libraries to version 2015-08-20 git-db91e0e. (r1833) * Fixed crash for determining timestamps for certain (video) file types. (r1833) * Fixed [#233]: Autofolders don't work after opening a project. (r1831) * Fixed [#234]: Crash when starting a drag with a first motion that is 'outside' any track. (r1830) * Fixed crash when generating debug report (causing Vidiot to disappear without debug report or causing the debug report generation to hang). (r1829) Release 0.3.10 (revision 1828) * Timeline popup not shown when no menu entries are enabled. (r1827) * Fixed [#229]: Can't set video bit rate beyond 10000000. (r1826) * Improved decoding for initial video frames for files where video codec has a delay (typically, h264). (r1825) * Improved audio-video-sync for files where video codec has a delay (typically, h264). (r1825) * Update wxWidgets version to Git (10-8-2015) (r1824) * Added [#225]: CTRL-W closes project. (r1823) * Fixed crash when dropping a very large video file into the timeline (from the project view or directly from the os). (r1822) * Fixed crash during editing (0-sized bitmap was created). (r1822) Release 0.3.9 (revision 1821) * Fixed [#218]: Crash when opening certain .mpg files. (r1821) * Added "ogv" to list of known file extensions. (r1821) Release 0.3.8 (revision 1820) * Fixed crash for files in which the audio data is slightly shorter than the video data. (r1819) Release 0.3.7 (revision 1818) * When a debug report is generated, email client is opened for sending the report. (r1813) * Fixed crash when using mp3 files containing cover image(s). (r1812) * Fixed crash when using mp3 files with an incomplete last packet. (r1812) * Added [#216]: Feature request: Fade to white. (r1805) * Fixed crash when dropping file(s) onto window without opened project. (r1803) * Fixed [#194]: [Linux] Timeline time scale drawn without white background and dividers only drawn partially when zooming in fully. (r1802) * Fixed [#212]: Bottom timeline part not properly redrawn. (r1800) * Fixed [#210]:Crash when changing clip volume during playback. (r1799) * Fixed [#209]: Crash when enlarging unlinked audio clip beyond the file length. (r1798) * Fixed [#211]: No vertical timeline scrollbar when audio-video divider has been moved down. (r1797) * Added [#198]: Show audio peaks in timeline. (r1787) * Fixed [#208]: Wrong feedback during trimming when trim is started on a audioclip. (r1787) * Added keyboard shortcut 'c' for removing empty space under mouse pointer. (r1777) * Fixed [#203]: m2v video files are not opened. (r1775) * Fixed [#206]: [Linux] Move unused video files to recycle bin does not work. (r1774) Release 0.3.6 (revision 1773) * [Windows] Render progress is shown in the task bar button. (r1768) * Fixed [#196]: [Linux] When timeline is opened it does not have the keyboard focus. (r1767) * Fixed [#181]: [Linux] Scrub and playback responsiveness is too low. (r1765) * Make portable versions (not requiring install) (r1764) * Right mouse button scrolling also works vertically. (r1759) * Fixed [#195]: When scrolling vertically the timescale is not redrawn properly. (r1758) * Fixed [#183]: [Linux] Crash when starting drag of clip. (r1752) * Dropping a project file from the file system now opens that Project. (r1749) * Fixed [#193]: Crash when modifying project tree via drag and drop. (r1749) * Playback speed is stored in saved project. (r1748) * Fixed [#174]: Faster playback with correct audio pitch does not work. (r1747) * Fixed [#186]: [Linux] Crash when adding large directory tree. (r1746) * Fixed [#166]: First playback after trim (or shift-delete) shows only black video sometimes. (r1743) * Fixed [#188]: [Linux] Crash when opening project with folder that has been removed from disk. (r1741) * Fixed [#182]: Editing via 'b' shows flickering ui. (r1740) * Pressing 'v' positions the scrollbars such that the cursor is at 1/4th of the timeline (was: centered). (r1734) * Fixed [#180]: [Linux] Ctrl-S does not work when the focus is on the timeline. (r1734) * Fixed [#191]: [Linux] No feedback on begin trim. (r1733) Release 0.3.5 (revision 1723) * Fixed [#184]: Crash when rendering h264 video. (r1718) * Fixed [#173]: When shift-begin trimming, clips 'shifted in' are 'empty'. (r1716) * Fixed [#175]: When dragging transitions, the area under the transitions is black. (r1715) * Fixed [#177]: Can't extend clip via trimming if both the clip and its link have a fade out or fade in transition. (r1714) * Fixed [#176]: Crossfade to next/from previous enabled in popup menu but not possible. (r1713) * Fixed [#164]: Clip with transitions snaps incorrectly during trimming. (r1712) * Fixed [#165]: Last clip trims awkwardly at end (only with shift seems possible) (r1711) * Removed command line /e switch (filename is now enough) (r1708) * Fixed [#170]: When indexing folder/files the text line indicating how much was found is not wrapped around when too long. (r1707) * First installable Linux version (Ubuntu 14.04.1) (r1698) Release 0.3.4 (revision 1682) * Added rendering support for H265 (r1678) * Upgrade ffmpeg to 20141228-git-750b10f version. (r1677) * Fixed playback for video files starting with a 'partial/incorrect' frame. (r1677) * Fixed [#160]: Sometimes small audio 'pop' after a audio transition. (r1676) * Improved audio seeking to seek to accurate sample when making cuts/transitions/etc. (r1676) Release 0.3.3 (revision 1674) * Fixed [#157]: Select two clips, deselect one, no details view shown. (r1673) * Fixed [#161]: Crash when opening project for which a png/tiff image (in timeline) has been removed from disk. (r1672) * Fixed [#162]: Last progress in status bar not removed after folder indexing done. (r1671) Release 0.3.2 (revision 1670) * Fixed [#159]: Audio-​Video sync lost after rendering. (r1651) * Fixed [#158]: Playback of last clip in timeline stutters. (r1648) Release 0.3.1 (revision 1647) * Fixed [#155]: Crash caused by creating audio cross fade at end of clip for which the file meta data has not yet been read. (r1647) * Added "Cut", "Copy", and "Paste here" options to the timeline popup menu. (r1645) * Fixed [152]: Position offset used for centering rotated image is not saved. (r1639) * Fixed [32]: Make it possible to duplicate a clip in the timeline. (r1639) * Added support for Cut, Copy, and Paste into the timeline. (r1639) * Added support for pasting files from the filesystem directly into the timeline. (r1639) * Added support for pasting files copied from the project view directly into the timeline. (r1639) * Added [#150]: Allow dropping files from the file system directly into the timeline. (r1637) * Enable Cut, Copy, and Paste main menu options when the Project View has focus. (r1637) * Allow pasting files selected in the file explorer directly into the project view. (r1637) * Added [#138]: Pressing 'c' centers timeline on cursor pointer. (r1630) * Fixed crash when pressing 'c' (create transition) with the mouse on an empty area. (r1629) * Fixed crash when pressing 'c' on a clip adjacent to an empty area. (r1629) * Removed 'c' key option (replaced with 'p' and 'n') for creating transitions. (r1629) * Fixed [#148]: Crash when importing very small image/​video. (r1628) * Fixed [#151]: Crash when dropping file that is longer than the timeline. (r1627) * Fixed [#149]: Holding mouse down on a selected clip deselects the clip. That makes dragging the current selection difficult. (r1626) * Made starting a drag with multiple selected clips easier. (r1626) * When trimming a clip selection changes to only that clip. (r1626) * Updated icons in Project View and Options Dialog (r1625) * Added [#145]: Alpha channel support for images (facilitate titles) (r1623) * Fixed [#147]: When dragging video-only or audio-only clip to timeline, the missing data is replaced with empty clip (which obscures clips in the other tracks). (r1622) * Fixed [#144]: Title not reset when closing project. (r1621) * Compile with Visual Studio 2013 (r1614) * Updated wxWidgets to revision 77985 (r1614) * Updated Boost to 1.56.0 (r1614) * Updated Portaudio to revision 1933 (r1614) * Updated Soundtouch to revision 201 (r1614) Release 0.2.10 (revision 1613) * Fixed [#141]: Crash after creating audio cross fade (with unlinked video clip in video track) (r1612) * Fixed [#142]: Crash after shift-trimming clip (for which audio video lengths are different) (r1612) * Fixed [#143]: Crash when creating cross fade via 'c' for a clip that already has a transition. (r1611) * Fixed [#139]: Crash when changing clip length via length button, if audio clip has two adjacent crossfades. (r1610) * Fixed [#137]: Changing volume slider has no effect when changing the volume for a second clip. (r1609) Release 0.2.9 (revision 1608) * Added [#127]: Make menu option to directly open media file from the Project menu. (r1606) * Fixed [#136]: Crash after adding folder on disk which is a drive root (C:, D;, etc.). (r1605) * Removed recursion for updating folders sync with disk. (r1605) * Added wizard for creating new project. (r1603) * Fixed [#125]: If a .vid file is dropped onto the Vidiot window it is opened as media, not as project. (r1603) * Fixed crash during playback of file with mp2 audio. (r1593) * File paths in the project are now stored relative to the project's save folder. Moving project and files together now possible. (r1591) * Added [#131]: In the player show the total length of the sequence also. (r1590) * Fixed [#126]: Crash when dropping clip at the beginning of the timeline (when cursor is positioned near the end of the drop) (r1589) * Fixed [#133]: Crash when trimming near transition which is completely on one side of the cut between two clips. (r1588) * Fixed [#132]: Crash when deleting and trimming clips. (r1584) Release 0.2.8 (revision 1583) * Fixed [#128]: ProjectView icon for sequences equals the icon for media files. (r1581) * Fixed [#129]: When dropping only one file from the file system, no timeline is created. (r1579) * Fixed [#120]: Improve frame interpolation (when adjusting video frame rate). (r1575) * Fixed [#78]: Audio-Video sync sometimes slightly off. (r1575) * Fixed [#122]: Bypass Soundtouch if not required. (r1574) * Fixed crash (incorrect assert) for MSMPEG4-2 avi file. (r1558) * Fixed [#124]: Hangup when clicking on an external URL in the about box. (r1557) Release 0.2.7 (revision 1556) * Fixed playback issue for preview window. (r1555) * Fixed [#118]: Shift drag does not work when drag originates from project view. (r1460) * Fixed [#119]: View not updated correctly when shift dragging beyond the length of the timeline. (r1459) * Fixed [#113]: Initial project start should be easier. (r1458) * Added support for drag and drop from the file system. (r1458) * Fixed [#117]: Avoid creating project with wrong default framerate (project properties opened immediately after project creation) (r1456) * Added dialog for changing project properties. (r1455) Release 0.2.6 (revision 1453) * Changed default framerate to 24p (r1451) * Fixed crash when simultaneously zooming/scrolling and opening the popup Menu (r1449) * Fixed [#107]: Thumbnails not always drawn (r1449) * Fixed [#115]: Make right-mouse scrolling as fast as using the scrollbar. (r1448) * Right mouse scrolling works always, even when dragging/changing dividers/etc. (r1448) * Added [#106]: Right mouse button scrolling works during playback. (r1447) * When creating crossfades avoid trimming clips if there's not enough room on only one side. (r1446) * Fixed [#116]: Crossfade becomes fade-in/fade-out when trimming on one edge to the minimum size. (r1445) * Fixed [#109]: Make length buttons work also when the clip is part of a transition (r1445) * Added [103]: Add 1/​4s to fixed lengths (for transitions) and make more length buttons enabled by allowing a dual trim (both left side and right side) upon press of the button. (r1444) * Added [#104]: Add 2/1 zoom level (add one zoom level) (r1443) * Fixed [#110]: When shift-trimming a lot of clips are selected (r1442) * Added [#101]: Create keyboard shortcut ('V') to center the cursor. (r1441) * Fixed [#100]: Hint text for length buttons wrong (r1440) * Fixed [105]: Crash during playback with multiple audio tracks. (r1439) * Fixed [#116] : Popup menu in Project view shows illegal items if a sequence is selected. Selecting these items results in crash. (r1438) * Improved responsiveness of drawing thumbnails (rendered in separate thread) (r1432) * Fixed crash when changing zoom while dragging clips (r1430) * Fixed [#7]: Thumbnails not updated when zoooming in/out. (r1421) * Fixed [#92]: Crash when pressing space. (r1421) * Initial loading time of project improved. (r1421) * Fixed [#91]: Playback directly after end trim (via 'e') gives black video (r1417) * Fixed [#90]: Black flash (in timeline) when using 'b' to begin trim (r1416) Release 0.2.5 (revision 1415) * Fixed crash when adding a non-existent file (again) via Undo/Redo. (r1409) * Fixed crash when rendering sequence with empty video (r1408) * Fixed [#75]: Busy loop after pressing space. (r1407) * When video preview can't keep up with audio, video no longer stops updating; frames are skipped. (r1407) * Added menu options for showing/hiding panes (Project/Details/Preview/Timelines). (r1407) * Upgrade ffmpeg libraries version to 20140105-git-70937d9 (r1404) * Improved seeking in H.264 files (r1404) * Fixed [#85]: Crash when dragging a file from an autofolder into another (non-auto) folder (r1400) * Added [#62]: Add support for rotating video in composition. (r1394) * When changing 'show bounding box' the preview is updated immediately. (r1391) * Bounding box shown during trim operation. (r1389) * Fixed [#61]: Proper alpha support for scaled clips (better transitioning/multi layering) (r1388) * Added [#80]: Add mechanism to change audio clip volume (r1383) * Fixed [#83]: Crash during playback of h.264 28fps mp4 file (r1381) * Fixed [#74]: Hangup when repositioning cursor in large file (r1381) * Changed time calculations to using 64 bit integers (some - h.264 - files cause integer overflows resulting in crashes when opening) (r1379) * Added [#76]: 'b' and 's' work during playback (r1378) * Fixed [#79]: Crash when dropping clip adjacent to a transition. (r1377) * Fixed [#82]: Shift End Trim not allowed when a clip in another track is touching the end point. (r1376) * Fixed [#77]: Wrong cursor during playback (r1372) * Fixed [#81]: Crash when scrubbing over a bands transitions for which all the underlying video files are unavailable. (r1371) * Fixed crash during animated delete (shift delete press) when system is slow. (r1346) Release 0.2.4 (revision 1340) * Fixed [#53]: Hangup (busy looping caused by too large allocation for EmptyChunk) when repositioning cursor (r1338) * Added [#67]: Add keyboard shortcuts ('b' and 'e') for trimming the clip under the cursor between the begin/end and the cursor position (r1337) * Fixed [#71]: Crash when changing clip via length button. (r1336) * After pressing a length button in the details view, focus is given back to the timeline such that subsequent keypresses work without having to click on the timeline first. (r1335) * Fixed [#66]: Add option to separate clips in a 'generated sequence' when the file name prefix (r1333) * Fixed [#65]: Clip details only shows length for the selected clip, not for the link. (r1332) * Fixed [#60]: Crash when closing project while folder indexing still running in the background (r1331) * Fixed [#73]: Text in status bar wrong when saving project with a different name (r1330) * Fixed [#58]: Shift delete of a 'unlinked' video/audio clip causes video-audio mismatch (r1329) * Fixed [#57]: After doing a shift begin trim, the cursor is moved to another position. (r1327) * Fixed [#51]: Project is not modified (save option enabled) when the audio video track divider is moved (r1325) Release 0.2.3 (revision 1322) * Add [#56]: Add project name to title bar (r1320) * Fixed stack overflow error when (r1315) * saving/loading a large project (r1315) Release 0.2.2 (revision 1313) * Number of backed up save files can be limited (default: 10). Oldest backup files are moved to the recycle bin. (r1312) * Before overwriting an existing save file, this file is backed up first. This avoids unrecoverable files when saving fails. (r1311) Release 0.2.1 (revision 1310) * Changed default project size to 1280x720 (r1308) * Added [#36]: Store cursor position and scroll position when saving (r1304) * Upgraded to use Visual Studio 2012, wxWidgets 3.0.0/r74976, Boost 1.54.0, Portaudio v19/r1910, and Soundtouch 1.7.1/r173 (r1300) * Changed save/load format to xml (not compatible with previous save files) (r1297) * Added [#24]: Make sliding bands transition (r1291) * Fixed [#33]: Drag and drop between tracks of different height looks awkward (r1284) * Fixed [#44]: Crash if a project is opened for which a file is missing that is part of a transition (r1283) * Fixed [#46]: Can't change video bitrate beyond 4000000 (r1281) * Fixed [#45]: Project is not modified (save option enabled) when render settings change (r1280) * Added option to move unused (in the project) video files to the recycle bin (r1279) * Fixed [#43]: Crash during Drag and drop of clip over a transition (r1278) * Added [#39]: Make fixed lengths buttons (details view) work for transitions also (r1277) * Added [#37]: Make keyboard shortcut for (temporarily) disabling snapping (during drag and drop and trimming) (r1276) * Added [#31]: Make unlink audio and video popup menu option (r1275) * Fixed [#34]: When shift trimming, the cursor is moved 'along' when moving the mouse. That makes 'snap to cursor' useless. (r1274) * Fixed [#42]: Delete and trim selected can mess up timeline (r1273) * Fixed [#38]: Cross fade to next menu option visible when the 'next' clip cannot be extended at the beginning (r1272) * Fixed crash when trimming a clip that is directly adjacent to a clip with length 0 (part of a transition) (r1271) * Fixed [#41]: Right click directly below a transition: the transition becomes selected, not the 'logical clip' (r1270) * Fixed [#35]: Crash when opening popup menu by right clicking 'below' a transition. (r1269) * Fixed [#40]: Crash during playback/rendering of a sequence with many cross-fades (r1268) Release 0.1.3 (revision 1267) * Fixed [#20]: Playback does not work properly (hick-ups) (r1267) * Added Delete and Trim popup menu option (r1264) * Fixed [#30}: crash during rendering (too many threads) (r1263) * Fixed [#14]: Shift begin trim moves awkward (r1262) * Fixed [#22]: When the sequence length increases, the timeline (scroll pane) doesn't increase also (r1257) * Added [#17]: When cursor is outside visible region (after cursor move), move scrollbars to show the cursor again. During playback also scroll such that the cursor remains visible. (r1256) * Added [#15]: In details view show length of clip (r1255) * Added [#19]: Add delete option to popup menu for clips (shift press shifts also) (r1254) * Fixed [#23]: When zooming in/​out the current cursor position is lost. Timeline center position is now kept aligned. (r1253) * Fixed [#27]: Give feedback when project is saved (r1251) * Fixed [#29]: Can't stop playback after pressed shift to start a region (r1250) * Fixed [#28]: Crash when pressing 's' during playback (r1249) * Fixed [#16]: Crash during playback of audio crossfade (r1248) * Fixed [#18]: Playback of empty audio clips is wrong (r1247) Release 0.1.2 (revision 1246) * Fixed [#13]: Crash in audio handling when playing 24p video on a 24p project (r1242) * Fixed [#12]: Default framerate not saved after changing in options dialog (r1239) * Fixed [#11]: Shift trim at begin of clip 'aligns' in the wrong direction (r1238) * Fixed [#2]: When doing a drag operation, the thumbnail of the dragged clip 'strays' behind. (r1237) Release 0.1.1 (revision 1235) * Fixed [#6]: Audio and video clip lengths now 64 bits (r1231) * Fixed [#9]: Creating a sequence for a 'auto' folder a second time creates a sequence with exactly the same name (r1230) * Thumbnails corrected for clips that do not start at a file's beginning. (r1228) Release 0.1.0 (revision 1223) * Initial version* Fixed [#4]: UI Hangup during playback (r1222)
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