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Welcome to 'vDrive' 2.82 - your own Cloud Drive! - 'vDrive' is a Cloud File Manager, optimized for media and touch screen - Unified experience no matter where you access from - desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc. - Native app like smooth animations and support for swipe/scroll gestures - An intuitive file manager with a simple Doc Editor, Music Player, Photo Viewer and Video Player - A detailed access logs Requirements: - Server: web server (like Apache HTTP) with PHP 5.2+ - Client: HTML5 compliant browser (Chrome 25+, Firefox 20+, IE 10+, Safari on iOS 6+, Chrome on Android 4.0+) Installation: - Download 'vDrive' and uncompress it on your "www" root directory - Restrict permissions on "_session" to make sure it is not accessible on web - This folder contains password file with SHA256 encryption and session files. The default password is 'vdrive' - Thats it! You have now set up your own Cloud Drive and you are ready to go! - Needless to say, change the password 'vDrive' 'Home' contains 3 Directories: - 'Documents': You can store - HTML, TXT, HDOC, PDF, ZIP, DOC(x), XLS(x), PPT(x), MP4 and OGV files - You can create and edit rich-text files via Doc Editor. These files are stored as .HDOC (Html DOC - they are basically html documents without headers) - 'Music': You can store - MP3 and OGG files - Thumbnails are generated automatically by searching "Google" - Music is played in the bottom Music Player - 'Photos': You can store - JPG, PNG and GIF files - Thumbnails are generated automatically - Photos are displayed in custom Photo Viewer With 'vDrive's easy-to-use interface: - You can search for files/folders, from the above directories - Create directories, subdirectories and manage files by uploading, renaming or deleting Note: - For optimum performance, keep the file count below 400 in a directory - If you are accessing a directory for the first time, the first few attempts may fail - depending on number of files and if you have copied files via backend to one of the above directories. This is because the server is generating thumbnails for your files. You will not face this issue, if you have uploaded your files via 'vDrive' GUI. - Special characters in file names are not allowed except ("_" "." "'" "-" "()" and space) - "thumbs" is a reserved key word and cannot be used to name a directory - Directories with name "private" are hidden from view. To view the content, enter the full path directly in address bar. Ex: http://mysite/index.html#Photos/other/private/ - The session files are cleaned-up automatically after 30 days ** This app is developed by Vinay Babu Reddy ** ** You are free to use it and distribute, provided the copyright notice and credits are left unchanged ** ** Please also refer the Privacy Policy at http://vinaybabureddy.com **
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