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uTask-0.3.0 [2010-8 - not released]: *Changed several things since 0.2.2 version uTask-0.3.1 [2010-10-15]: *Prepared for release *Added examples uTask-0.3.2 [2011-02-28]: *[fix] Fixed bug in utask_add() with UTASK_SIMPLE_ADD defined. Only the first task would run. *[new] Included typedefs for easy change of utask's member size. Code is prepared for 8 and 16-bit uCs. *[new architecture] uTasks have been confirmed to work on Atmel ATmega8 device. utask-0.3.3 [2011-06-04]: *[fix] Fixed bug in utask_schedule(), task could be woken prematurely, *[thanx] for Mateusz Kondej for finding utask_schedule() bug, *[new] Added function to check if CPU can be put to sleep, user needs to implement it's own function to put CPU to sleep.
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