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04 October 2014 Release: v3.80 v3.80 contains further bug-fixes and Enhancement of v3.70 ********* UPGRADING? ********* v3.80 requires v3.70 to be be installed first v3.70 requires v3.60 If you try to upgrade from an ealier version then you will run into problems. THIS APPLIES TO UPGRADES ONLY! *********************************************************** ********* KNOWN ISSUES ********* 1. There is a known issue with HSQLDB 2.n driver which does not handle BLOB (Categories, Products, Customers, People) correctly It causes an error when loading Sales panel - Clicking OK allows you to continue seemingly with no adverse effect Adding Images to (Categories, Products, Customers, People) forms is not affected. Suggestion: avoid HSQLDB database for now or revert to older 1.8 driver *********************************************************** 1. Bug: Customer Find - Telephone SQL field criteria incorrect - returning PHONE2 Fix: Correct SQL statement to return PHONE 2. Bug: Categories Display Name in panel checkbox ineffective Fix: Change getRootCategories SQL to only include CATSHOWNAME=1 3. Bug: Show Category in Panel check/un-check ineffective Fix: Amend RootCategory method 4. Bug: script.linediscount rounding error Fix: Remove Math(Rounding()) and replace with revised formula on LineTotal value 5. Bug: Free Sale line product add fails after upgrade Fix: Change Installer SQL statement + supporting in-line code 6. Bug: Close Cash - Drawer Openings in MySQL not resetting Fix: Change code to allow for TIMESTAMP differentails between DB's 7. Bug: JPanelTicket SouthComponent refresh error Fix: Now conditional - John L 8. Bug: rpt:productsalesprofit - incompatible/incorrect SQL syntax causes report fail Fix: redesign and replace complete report productsalesreport 9. Bug: Authorize.net Payment Gateway - attempt to get past intermittent submission fails. Fix: Per latest Authorize.net //github repository + addition of messages (success/fails/refusals & etc). IMPORTANT: Only tested in developer Authorizenet Sandbox mode 10. Bug: Customer Current Debt value not updating after ticket Payment form by Debt Fix: PaymentInfo get and sets amended to fetch, display and write latest CurrentDebt value 11. Bug: Customer Current Debt Date not updating after ticket Payment form by Debt Fix: PaymentInfo get and sets amended to fetch, display and write latest CurrentDate value 12. Bug: EAN-8/UPC-8 Barcode input not checked Fix: Barcode checks for EAN-8/UPC-8 construct 13. Change: Payment form: Given and Change background/text contrast poor. Now uses skin settings 14. Change: Sales screen Product button default background image reduced from 48x48px to 16x16px 15. Change: Stock Movement Category/Product panel now dynamically resizes to window 16. Change: Stock Diary Editor Category/Product panel now dynamically resizes to window 17. Change: Sales screen last Layaway does not now auto-appear has to be chosen from Layaway list 18. Change: Apache Derby libraries - derby.jar and derbyclient.jar upgrade to 19. Change: Sales screen now defaults to new ticket rather than displaying last ticket or last Layaway 20. Change: Product Sales Finder: Constructor, method and associated SQL changes 21. Change: rpt:extproducts Products>Report>menu option changed to Sales>Products>Reports>Product Sales: Customer 22. Change: Ticket print to screen now resizes according to unicentaopos.properties settings 23. Change: rptCustomersdiary now includes all transactions inc. Refunds 24. Enhancement: script.totaldiscount now preserves current line properties i.e.: kitchen print 25. Enhancement: Form-CloseCash - Added Net Sales column To jSales. Added Net Sales Field to Summary. Separated Taxes. Various other layout mod's 26. Enhancement: Printer.PartialCash - Layout re-work. Added Net Sales values to detail and Taxes 27. Enhancement: Product Sales Finder: list now includes Stock Units value 28. Enhancement: Product Sales Finder: In Stock option added to ProductFilterSales - Defaults to Greater Than 0 value 29. Enhancement: Printer.Ticket View/Preview on-screen dimensions now matches Printer.Ticket printed sizing 30. Enhancement: Print.Ticket added Credit Card Sale info/slip print' 31. Enhancement: Printer.Ticket + Printer.TicketPreview - Add Hostmachine/Terminal name 32. Enhancement: User : Ticket : Customer now shown in current ticket display 33. Enhancement: User : Ticket : Customer now shown in Layaway list
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