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13 May 2014 Release: v3.70 v3.70 contains further bug-fixes and Enhancement of v3.60 ********* UPGRADING? ********* v3.70 requires v3.60 to be be installed first v3.60 requires v3.56 If you try to upgrade from an ealier version then you will run into problems. THIS APPLIES TO UPGRADES ONLY! *********************************************************** ********* KNOWN ISSUES ********* 1. There is a known issue with HSQLDB 2.n driver which does not handle BLOB (Categories, Products, Customers, People) correctly It causes an error when loading Sales panel - Clicking OK allows you to continue seemingly with no adverse effect Adding Images to (Categories, Products, Customers, People) forms is not affected. Suggestion: avoid HSQLDB database for now or revert to older 1.8 driver 2. v3.70 comes with a new DEFAULT PRODUCT - this provides a Product ID to the free line entry - DO NOT DELETE! You can rename it but DO NOT DELETE 3. If you are upgrading and you have deleted the default CATEGORY OR either of the default TAXES then you will receive an error message when trying to close when making payment. You will need to manually recreate a Category with CATEGORYID "000" and You will need to manually recreate a Tax with TAXID "001" *********************************************************** 1. Bug: rxtx cannot access port causing process leak Fix: copy rxtxtParallel.dll and rxtxSerial.dll to Windows\system32 folder 2. Bug: rxtxc.jar cannot access port causing error Fix: copy rxtxt,jar to jre\bin folder 3. Bug: Piecatsales report fails to run Fix: SQL piesalescat.bs SQL statement 4. Bug: Barcode changes (in 3.60) skipping correct read of short EAN-UPC codes Fix: Add missing enclosing brackets in if statement 5. Bug: rpt:taxcatsales missing Printed label Fix: Add missing label.printed=Printed(English only) 6. Bug: rpt:productsalesprofit missing field name Fix: Amended SQL script 7. Bug: rpt:customersdebtors invalid reference Fix: Set to customersdebtors 8. Bug: Ticket.Buttons default <cat-height> commented instead of <cat-width> Fix: Remove <cat-height> comment symbols and add to <cat-width> 9. Bug: script.totaldiscount stray discountperc variable assignment Fix: remove discountperc variable 10. Enhancement: rpt:closedproducts report pre/post discount values added 11. Enhancement: Rewrite closedproducts.bs SQL script 12. Enhancement: Redesign rpt:chartsales 13. Enhancement: Rewrite rpt:extproducts SQL script now available for all DB's 14. Enhancement: Add Product Barcode labels rpt:barcodesheet 15. Enhancement: Add Product Shelf-edge Barcode labels rpt:shelfedgelabels 16. Enhancement: Fix layout rpt:badprice layout 17. Enhancement: Fix layout rpt:invalidcategory layout 18. Enhancement: Fix layout rpt:invaliddata layout 19. Enhancement: Fix layout rpt:missingdata layout 20. Enhancement: Fix layout rpt:newproducts layout 21. Enhancement: Misc. Item Sale now set with default ProductID to enable in reporting 22. Enhancement: Pop-up EditLine form on non-Product sales line entry 23. Enhancement: Remove Item name restriction to allow edit of Item name 23. Enhancement: script.totaldiscount Rounding corrected using rint + decimal 24. Change: Ticket.Buttons - TotalDiscount now set to Default=ENABLED 25. Change: Ticket.Buttons - script.ReceiptConsolidate now set to Default=DISABLED 26. Change: Default Printer margin settings changed from Star to Epson ESC/POS
Source: README_First.txt, updated 2014-05-14