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1ST AUGUST 2015 Release: v3.91 This version is for new installations or those UPGRADING from uniCenta oPOS v3.81 or v3.90 only Versions earlier than v3.81 are not yet supported at this time. As always Source Code will be available after monitoring forum feedback for this release. Hang in there for a couple of weeks. RELEASE NOTES: -------------- 1. Bug: Auxiliaries not working Fix: Auxiliary Products now shows pops into new panel 2. Bug: Product Sales:Product rpt:closedproduct Unit Price showing sum of Unit PriceSell + Tax Fix: Replaced with PRODUCTS.PRICESELL+(PRODUCTS.PRICESELL*TAXES.RATE) AS PRICE from closedproducts.bs 3. Bug: Sales screen Barcode input does not allow "02" construct Fix: Changed to allow 02 lead - intend for use to set Price net of tax Note Keyboard users: Behaviour is changed - Enter key looks up Barcode. BARCODE Series tested: 01; 20; 21;22;23;24;25 Correct WEIGHT/pRICE; PRICE CONSTRUCT tested 4. Bug: various minor code-fixes Enhancements: ------------- 1. New posApps Plugin Manager now includes: posApps Digital Receipt posApps Handpoint Card Payments Plugin Manager configuration button added to main Toolbar 2. Create new Customer from Finder + Assign new Customer to sale 3. Quick Logout on toolbar 4. Ticket Layaway auto pop-up reminder 5. Products: Assign Barcode CodeType - for EAN's, UPC's and CODE128 - for use with reports 6. All reports with Barcodes include amended to use Barcode Type function Barcodesheet ProductLabels SaleCatalogue Shelfedgelabels - PriceSell inc' TAX was PRICESELL (without Tax) 7. CAS-PDII Weighing Scale option added 8. uniCenta oPOS project is now fully Mavenised 9. Prepared platform for automated uniCenta oPOS binaries build to Sourceforge - expect full release soon... we're testing 10. Prepared automated uniCenta oPOS source code deploy to Sourceforge/Github Coming soon Will release same time as 9.
Source: README_First.txt, updated 2015-08-01