A multithreaded tcp/ip stand alone chat-game daemon and client

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This program is a daemon that simply reply to all connected host texts messages that one host send to the server.

The client side program connect to the server daemon given his username and the server url or ip.

You can give the maximum numbers of allowed clients that can connect(for default 30 users).

A chat program is a nice example to demostrate inter-process communication because the server manage all clients simultaneously knowing where to access each shared client information. However, this is not limited to chat because with this source code, you can expand it to support games and other tasks while communicating.

You could put the client program as login shell and let people connect to our server using ssh or telnet.

This project is now under development(With few bugs of course).

Download it using GIT
git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/uchatd/code uchatd

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