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TXM 0.7.5 beta

Bug reports for this beta stage

Message to TXM users: thank you not to install this beta on your machine if you do not want to help us fix the bugs of this experimental version. TXM 0.7.5 final version will be released at the end of this correction phase.

For those willing to help us to finalize this version please set the TXM automatic updates level to 'BETA'. To do this, go to the bottom of the "TXM / Advanced" preferences page and choose the "BETA" level of update. In doing so, you will automatically receive the corrections from the beta phase.

Please report bugs by email or in the txm-users wiki: https://groupes.renater.fr/wiki/txm-users/public/retours_de_bugs_logiciel/txm_0.7.5beta

Main improvements

  • Automatic Updates: it is no longer necessary to manually download new versions of TXM
  • Adding extensions: you can add new functionalities to TXM by installing plugins (first sample plugin: WordCloud)
  • Interruptible calculations: every command is now interruptible (except the import modules which are still evolving)
  • Fixed the bug to run R code from TXM : any R code should run without problem - from a text selection, a text editor, a script file, etc
  • New runtime messages logging system, configurable in the "TXM / Advanced" preferences page
  • New "Lab" Perspective containing experimental features
  • Fixed the interface language bug for 64bit systems
  • The "textometrieR" package has been renamed to "textometry" and published on R CRAN (Comprehensive R Archive Network) website
  • And of course many bugfixes and improvements in almost all commands, including import modules

Reference tickets


Exhaustive list of improvements and corrections


List of unresolved bugs


TXM Manual

The installer includes the new PDF version of TXM 0.7 manual.

Help from the community

In the spirit of free software, and according to the licence you accepted by using TXM, you are invited to participate in its improvement.
We need you to improve this software.
For this, you do not have to be a software developer.
For example, you can:

  • Help us fix bugs of beta versions
  • Send us your publications or other papers showing your use of TXM
  • Add a link in your website to the home page of the Textométrie project http://textometrie.ens-lyon.fr
  • Help us translate the user interface or documentation in other languages
  • Share with the community of users your course materials, as well as sample corpora
  • Invite your fellow developers to adapt TXM to your needs and share with us these developments, in its core (Java and C programming: for professional developers) or at its periphery (Groovy language scripting: much more accessible)
  • Set up a research project using TXM (eg NEH or DFG) for which we can advise you in the customization of the software that you could share with the community
  • Make proposals for improving the documentation and TXM dissemination

For all suggestions, please contact us at 'textometrie AT ens-lyon.fr'.

The TXM team

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