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Turn Watcher tracks combatants for role playing games.

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While running a game, you, the Game Master, are expected to run your combat encounters smoothly and efficiently. We know that sometimes encounters are straight-forward and easy to monitor, but what if they become more complicated? How do you keep track of Orc number 12's hit points? How can you know exactly when a character will bleed out? How do you keep track of a character's new initiative order when they delay their action? How can you keep readied actions straight? Is there a way to do secret skill checks and saves for all your characters at once? Or an easier way to mix up the action by rolling initiative at the top of every round?

If you have ever wondered if there was a better way to manage your encounters, then Turn Watcherâ„¢ is the solution for you! Turn Watcher tracks any number of player characters' (PCs) and opponents' initiative order and hit points, freeing you to run your encounters smoothly and efficiently.

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  • Show your players their status with the new Player HUD (Heads Up Display)!
  • Track spells and abilities.
  • Turn Watcher will alert you when those effects expire! As a bonus feature, you can even automate temporary hit points and hit point boosts.
  • Track PCs, NPCs and monsters.
  • Handle delays and readied actions.


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