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ABOUT: Truck stop linux is intended primarily as a tool for over the road truck drivers, or other long distance travellers, such as owners of Recreational Vehicles(RVs). Primarily, it should make trip preparation easier for the long distance driver by allowing them to see all available parking spots in their chosen path of travel. I chose the name "truck stop linux" as there are already several websites out there which have in their name "truck stop locator". It still allows me to use the letters TSL, but it should sufficiently save me a bunch of grief. AUTHOR: My username on Sourceforge is Torham Zed. That's all that really matters. This is free software, so if you make changes send your changes back to me so I can add them in and make the software better for other users. THANKS: To all the developers of Marble and Open Streetmap. 99% of the credit for what I'm doing belongs with either of these two. http://marble.kde.org/ http://www.openstreetmap.org/ Please consider contributing to either of these fantastic efforts. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Instructions are up on the discussion board with screenshots. http://sourceforge.net/p/truckstoplinux/discussion/ COMPLETE: (Changelog) (Version 1) Added all Loves locations. Added all Petro and TA locations. The two check boxes work. (Version 2) Added all Flying J and Pilot locations Added all Wilco locations Added some Roady's locations Added some rest areas. I am attempting to integrate all of the files into one zip file, so it's easier to install and use. If this doesn't work, it should in ver 3. (Version 3) Added rest areas and weigh stations along the eastern sea board states. Fixed as many truck stop locations as I could find with bad coordinates from the Pilot/Loves master files.(about 10 or so) Changed the directory structure in the zip file so that unpacking the files overwrites the existing openstreetmap.dgml file. (Version 4) Added rest areas and weigh stations for the following states: AK, ID, MI, MN, MT, ND, OH, SD, WA, and WI. I also added as many weigh stations and rest areas as I could find in Canada. Added the Loves in Natalia, TX. Petro now has a location in Florence, SC. (Version 5) Added all Roady's locations that I could find or were not bought up by another company. Added as many independent truck stop locations as I could find, all rest areas, service plazas, and weigh stations. Truck Stop Linux is now complete location wise. Added the new Pilots that have recently opened. Made a few fixes as well to Pilot locations. (version 6) I have done so much work to this I don't even know where to begin and where to end. I have added things such as trucker chapels, truck/trailer wash locations, and so much more. There have been new site additions for Loves, Pilot, and others. The big thing is that version 6 will be the last version that uses Marble's role tags. Starting with version 7, KML files will be toggled in the dgml file individually. Truck Stop Linux has finally arrived. Version 7 will be the form that begins to truely look like what I had envisioned all along for TSL going forward. (version 7) Lucky sevens! Version 7 splits up the KML files along the lines that I had initially hoped for all along, plus more additions that have been added since the start of the project.(Such as chapels and truck washes) There are 13 different categories - this is the big enhancement to usability that I have been waiting for. Just about the entirety of the TODO: list has changed. TODO: (1) Get TSL included as a part of Marble's standard "extras". "File" ---> "Download maps" - Truck Stop Linux should be listed in the Install Maps dialog window. (2) Create a video for YouTube demonstrating how easy it is to install TSL. (3) Fix the icons. It cannot be that all different items and categories use the exact same icon on screen once Marble is launched. I think this might be a bug in KDE marble for now. Investigation continues. (4) Location information, gathering continues. Current high priority locations: Trucker chapels and unfinished truck stops. Add any new sites which are not yet listed. Various notes: (My thinking on the color coding is as follows, and this is absolutely not set in stone: Rest areas - silver Service plazas - silver and purple Independent locations - purple Roady's - dark blue Loves - Yellow Wilco - light(ish) green Petro - dark green TA - blue Flying J - orange Pilot - red Most of these truck stop companies are roughly associated with these colors. With TA and Roady's both are blue, but Roady's website has a more distinctly dark blue than TA. The same for Petro and Wilco. Petro's website has a darker looking green on it.(With independents and rest areas, I just pretty much made it up, but in a way to make them distinct as well.) For service plazas, I combined the color of independents with rest areas, as all service plazas are only accessible via the interstate itself. BUGS AND ISSUES: TSL is a simple modification of the already existing Marble program, as well as the 'Open Street Map' map.(and at this time, the OSM name is still listed as the name of the file and associated references within) If you encounter an issue,(a random crash, for example) most likely it's with Marble itself. Bug reporting for KDE Marble can be done at https://bugs.kde.org/ OSM as well as TSL simply overlay on top of Marble. Issues that would apply and how to report them: The PilotFlyingJ locations are problematic because it seems that so many of the GPS locations given by PilotFlyingJ in their master location list are off by a bit. The ones that were terribly off I fixed, but a large percentage of the locations are in the middle of the street, on the wrong side, or directly in the middle of the interstate. I'll fix as many as I can find in the future, but it's a painstaking process because I'm not a driver myself. This would best be handled with a "many eyes" approach. The locations (should) all get you to exactly where you want to go in the mean time, but I do ultimately want to fix as many of these as possible so that it's exact. If you wish to let me know about a truck stop location that isn't listed, the position is off, a name has a misspelling, or something else, just drop me a line in the discussion forum located at https://sourceforge.net/p/truckstoplinux/discussion/. All I really need is the name of the truck stop, the state it's in, and either it's address or a rough idea of which highway it's on or something which will enable me to find it using the power of Google.(TM) If you happen to know the coordinates and can provide them, that would be even better.
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