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CHANGES FROM 1.7 to 1.8, 26 March 2013 Incompatible Changes ==================== * layout redo/undo has been removed. Normal Changes ============== * Add halfpage up/down bindings to copy mode. * Session choosing fixed to work with unattached sessions. * New window options window-status-last-{attr,bg,fg} to denote the last window which was active. * Scrolling in copy-mode now scrolls the region without moving the mouse cursor. * run-shell learnt '-t' to specify the pane to use when displaying output. * Support for middle-click pasting. * choose-tree learns '-u' to start uncollapsed. * select-window learnt '-T; to toggle to the last window if it's already current. * New session option 'assume-paste-time' for pasting text versus key-binding actions. * choose-* commands now work outside of an attached client. * Aliases are now shown for list-commands command. * Status learns about formats. * Free-form options can be set with set-option if prepended with an '@' sign. * capture-pane learnt '-p' to send to stdout, and '-e' for capturing escape sequences, and '-a' to capture the alternate screen, and '-P' to dump pending output. * Many new formats added (client_session, client_last_session, etc.) * Control mode, which is a way for a client to send tmux commands. Currently more useful to users of iterm2. * resize-pane learnt '-x' and '-y' for absolute pane sizing. * Config file loading now reports errors from all files which are loaded via the 'source-file' command. * 'copy-pipe' mode command to copy selection and pipe the selection to a command. * Changes panes can now emit focus notifications for certain applications which use those. * run-shell and if-shell now accept format placeholders. * resize-pane learnt '-Z' for zooming a pane temporarily. * new-session learnt '-A' to make it behave like attach-session. * set-option learnt '-o' to prevent setting an option which is already set. * capture-pane and show-options learns '-q' to silence errors. * New command 'wait-for' which blocks a client until woken up again. * Resizing panes will now reflow the text inside them. * Lots and lots of bug fixes, fixing memory-leaks, etc. * Various manpage improvements.
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