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TikZit is a cross-platform application that allows the creation and modification of TeX diagrams written using the pgf/TikZ macro library. It is especially geared toward rapidly creating "dot"-diagrams for use in academic papers.

It comes in two flavours: MacOSX (Cocoa) and GTK+. Note that you will need to build from source on UNIX systems (or use distribution packages, if available).


GTK+ flavour

  • GNUstep (base libraries - 1.18.0 minimum)
  • GTK+ (2.18.0 minimum)
  • poppler (including glib bindings - tested with 0.12.4)
  • An Objective-C compiler (eg: gcc-objc)

Changes since 0.6:

GTK+ flavour:

  • Add bounding box support
  • Add support for different node shapes
  • Improved error reporting
  • Add scrolling support (CTRL+mouse wheel)
  • Add a pan tool to move around the graph
  • Add edge and graph property palettes
Source: README.mkd, updated 2011-12-07