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A remake of the ZX Spectrum game.

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Originally a BASIC listing for the Commodore PET printed in the April 1982 edition of "Computing Today", "The Valley" was ported to a wide range of systems.

It is a simple rogue-like where you play one out of five character types in your quest to find the Helm of Evanna so you can do battle with the evil wizard Vounim.

This remake for Microsoft Windows is based on the ZX Spectrum version and features improved graphics as well as added sound and music.

The remake has a new 'Hall of Fame' feature sorted by the fastest game completion.

There's also an added final level and ending to the game!

It was coded in FreeBASIC:

NOTE: If you send a copy of hall.dat to along with a screen alias you want to be known as, I will keep an online Hall of Fame on here with all the results I get (if any).

Good luck!

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  • rogerjowett
    1 of 5 2 of 5 3 of 5 4 of 5 5 of 5 what hardware is supported?bmp2scr the only program that converts pc avi files frame by frame to older 8bit screen rez - sam coupe we need hmpr bit 5&6 and interlaced mode 3 for 512x384 with 16 colours per scan line HELP!we cant use interlaced and rotated thru 90º for 160x200 but more like 400x160 with cpc+gx4k 4096 16 colours onscreen no?did the teletext adapter show tc picture with page 888 subtitles?did tv adapter work in france?french keyboard support for cpc+ emulators? msx zx spectrum emualtor for turbR pleasehelp snapper discs velesoft site runs zx spectrum 48k and one 128k program at 6mhz using external 1-4mb ram paged 32,768bmp2scr lcd site only needs hmpr bit 5&6 clut mods per scan line interrupts interlaced mode 3 save mode 3 masterbasic intra frame compressionhelpanyone working on the micro command fdd3000(now emulated!) PDS all have z80crosstalk synchronization phosphoric delaywas hoping to use this demo for sim coupe to demonstrate the phosphoric delay thingi:

    Posted 04/26/2013
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