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Release notes for ThanCad 0.1.1 photogrammetric Thursday October 21, 2010 1. Source code -------------- The source code of ThanCad is given in two forms: a. zip file in package thancadwin b. tar.gz file in package thancad Download one of the files, uncompress it and run ThanCad as: python thancad.py In order to run ThanCad you need to have the following installed in your computer: python (programming language) PIL (Python Image Library) numpy or numeric (Python numeric library) You also need several modules that come with python (but may not be available in unusual environments such as cell-phones). 2. "Executable" for windows --------------------------- For those who are still in windows, an "exe" like package is included. Download the zip file from thanawin_exe package, and unzip it in a folder. Then, doubleclick on thancad.exe and ThanCad runs. If you want to create a shortcut on your desktop for ThanCad, an icon is included in the folder you unziped the zip file. Share and Enjoy, Thanasis Stamos Release notes for ThanCad 0.1.0 photogrammetric January 6, 2011 Normally the files thancad*.tz and thancad*.zip: include the source code for ThanCad. Python automatically compiles the source to byte code and it executes it, so there is no need for a separate source folder. However, in 0.1.1 release, a large part of the source code was not included (by mistake). So the file: "thancad-.0.1.1source.zip" contains the source code for 0.1.1 release. Please note that the source code may be slightly different, as I had to salvage it from the weekly backups (the backup was done one day later than the release, so that it contains a few modifications).
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