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Significantly sped up the performance, simplified the logic, and shrank the size of the project. The only bad thing however is that the training must happen with the TXT files with a size of one novel. TODO: UI needs to be redesigned (bypass needs a button and not a checkbox), with small fixes (such as a restart button). Add a summarizer Add an automated stop-word find Remove the unused code. THIS PROGRAM WILL ONLY WORK WITH A JAVA DEVELOPMENT KIT 1.7 !!! For another version of JAVA, please adjust the code at your own risk. Te2.0 Lite This is a very light version of the original, optimized for a faster performance, but rougher results. ---------------------------------- How to run this program? 1. Make sure JAVA 1.7 development is installed and running/compiling properly with all environment variables properly set. 2. Uncompress the LITE release into a desired directory. 3. Go to a src/ directory with a Terminal/Console/Command-Prompt and do the following: javac Te2.java java Te2 The program should open. PRESS ON THE LOGO TO OPEN THE README ON HOW TO USE THE PROGRAM!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Known issues: You need to enable the core dumps The restart button does not restart everything. Please exit and enter the program instead until it is fixed.
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