Database Replication, Filtered Synchronization, and Transformation

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SymmetricDS is a data and file sync/replication solution. It is a platform-independent, web-enabled, and database-agnostic synchronization tool. SymmetricDS was built to replicate changes, bi-directionally, between remote nodes and a centralized node.


  • Database Independent - Supports: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, HSQLDB, H2, Apache Derby, IBM DB2, Firebird, Informix, Greenplum
  • Transaction Aware - Data updates are recorded and replayed with the same atomicity
  • Guaranteed Delivery - Synchronized data is guaranteed to arrive at the target destination. If a synchronization fails, the same batch of data will be retried until it succeeds or manual intervention is taken. All other data synchronization is halted for the failed channel only.
  • Conflict Management - Data conflicts can be detected and resolved
  • Data Transformation - Data can be transformed to load into different structured tables
  • Data Channels - Table synchronizations are grouped into independent channels
  • Centralized Configuration - All configuration is downloaded from a central registration server
  • Data Filtering and Rerouting - Allows for localized passwords and sensitive data filtering/routing
  • HTTP Transport - Pluggable transport defaults to Representation State Transfer (REST-style) HTTP services
  • Initial Data Load - Prepare the satellite database with an initial or recovery load of data
  • Flexible Transport - Push (trickle-back data) or Pull (trickle-poll data) changes
  • Multiple Schemas - Supports multiple database schemas naturally through the existence of Data Channels
  • Simple Data Protocol - A fast streaming data format that is easy to generate, parse, and load
  • Bidirectional Synchronization - The same table can be synchronized both to and from the host system while avoiding update loops
  • Primary Key Updates - Captures the "before" and "after" data being changed, allowing updates to primary key data
  • Payload Compression - Optionally compresses data on transport
  • Extendable API - Add customizations through extensions and plug-in points
  • Auto Database Creation - Optionally allow creating and upgrading of database schema
  • Multiple Deployment Options - Standalone engine, web application, embedded software component
  • Embeddable - Small enough to embed or bootstrap within another application (i.e. a POS application)
  • Remote Management - Administration through a Java Management Extensions (JMX) console or REST
  • Remote Database Administration - SQL can be delivered and run at remote databases via the synchronization infrastructure
  • Database Versioning - Specify data synchronization by version of target database
  • Android Support - Independent client that works on Android
  • File Synchronization - Sync files as well as data


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SymmetricDS is a bit scary for a first timer in the world of databases. It has two major things going for it: 1. Excellent support from the developers, and 2. Very complete documentation The documentation is rather long winded at times, needs more examples, and in some cases conveys different meanings than was intentional. However, given the support from the devs, these are minor complaints, and I think SymmetricDS has a bright future.


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Can't speak for the command line version of this product but the web based solution from JumpMind is a mess. Very flaky software. Full of bugs. Cannot handle volume as mentioned. Tried pushing through thousands of batches and it just fails miserably. Correct updated documentation is nonexistence. Good luck trying to figure out how to setup the software. Very hard to get a smooth working setup installed. Trial and error seems to be the way they want you to figure it out. Unless of course you shell out money for consulting fees and any real technical support. Also when trying to evaluate the software, got nothing but sales pitches to buy consulting technical support. Very disappointed with the product. Not at all like the site touted.

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Excellent tool, for me it took just a couple days to understand it. Architecture of the project is advanced and unlimited. Any configurations of data replication may be implemented. Works fast and stable. It's really a choice for professionals!

Posted 01/26/2016
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This is the one tool to turn to when you need to replicate data between JDBC ready databases. I've used it as a backbone of the data architecture for 4 or 5 years now. It is stable, featureful, and scalable. It is not an easy tool for beginners to just pick up and run with, but it is worth the steep learning curve if you need to move data around.

Posted 08/21/2015
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hi friends, 1st i d'not know symmetricDS installation is easy task or risky task. i need to install that s/w in my server. i follow the PDF file but i not able to complete the whole installation process. so anyone can help me for installation process. i not well-known in core PHP. Also whether i need to buy anything ? waiting for your reply

Posted 07/24/2014
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You can do a lot of stuff with this replication system, it's very well documented and maintained. Keep up the good work, thanks.

Posted 01/27/2014
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This is one of the best software I have ever used for media files. Its very easy with lots useful features

Posted 05/14/2013
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