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Maintenance Release. Read the changelist for details. Zip File Contents: 1. Binaries of Swiss File Knife Base, the multi function command line tool for Windows (XP to Windows 7), Intel Linux (current and old releases), Apple Macintosh (i686 and PPC) and ARM systems like Raspberry Pi. 2. Sourcecode and build scripts of SFK Base, allowing compilation under Windows and Linux. 3. Some documentation, example and test files. If you are in a hurry and want only a single executable, - download any of these files: sfk.exe Swiss File Knife for Windows. sfk-linux.exe SFK for current Linux distribs, like Ubuntu. sfk-linux-lib5.exe SFK for older Linux distribs, like DSL. sfk-mac-i686.exe SFK for current Intel-based Macs. sfk-mac-ppc.exe SFK for older PowerPC Macs. sfk-arm.exe SFK for ARM systems like Raspberry Pi. - do NOT double click on the downloaded .exe, but open a terminal or command line window. - cd into your download folder. - Linux/Mac: rename the .exe to just "sfk" like: mv sfk-mac-i686.exe sfk then make it executable by: chmod +x sfk and finally type: ./sfk - Windows: rename the .exe to sfk.exe then type "sfk" if you have no unzip tool, or in a wrong version, you may download unzip for the command line from http://stahlworks.com/dev/index.php?tool=zipunzip ----------------------------------------------------------------- Revision 2: - add: windows: sfk book, open web page with infos about the two dollar PDF manual for reading on tablet, smartphone or for self printing. http://stahlworks.com/sfkbook/ - add: linux/mac: main help info about the PDF manual. - fix: sfk fromnet +filter +loop did not work with multi line text messages. - fix: sfk fromnet did not stop on escape under windows. - add: sfk unixtime, print the unix timestamp - chg: sfk tonetlog -h: rework of help text. Initial Release: - add: sfk fromnet: print incoming network text sent by sfk tolog or tonetlog. - chg: sfk tonetlog: one msec of delay after each package sent, by default, to avoid package losses on long text transfers. can be changed by option -delay=n. - add: sfk tonetlog: options -nolf and -usecr. option -noline is deprecated. - add: sfk filter, sfk tonetlog: option -toiso for simple conversion of UTF8 text to ISO-8859-1. - add: sfk chars: option -fromutf to list code points of characters from UTF8 sequences. - add: udpdump: -tofile output option. - add: netlog: extended help text with sample scripts how to compile remote and receive output. - chg: macintosh: optimized color scheme. - fix: udpdump ... -data missing highlight of text. - fix: sfk xed ... +run, +ffilter etc. did not work.
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