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Sutekh 0.9.0 (2014-07-19)

Sutekh 0.9.0 is the first release as we move towards releasing version 1.0.

Sutekh 0.9.0 introduces a number of changes to the database schema. While the automatic database upgrade code has been extensively tested, and we believe it to be safe, it is still a good idea to make a backup of your card database before testing 0.9.0. The minium python version required has also increased to python 2.6.

Sutekh has seen significant work since the release of the 0.8 series. The code has been extensively restructured to separate the VtES specific parts from the more generic aspects, and a number of bugs have been fixed as a result. A number of new features and improvements have been added, including a plugin to download TWDA decks, support for associating filters with profiles and a "Find similar crypt cards" option.

Instructions for installing Sutekh can be found at:

Sutekh can be downloaded from Sourceforge at:

Issues may be reported by emailing sutekh-users@lists.sourceforge.net.

Please test this release and report any problems.

Known Issues

  • No known issues at this stage.

Notable Improvements since 0.8.5

Significant user visible changes include:

  • Plugin to download TWDA decks into the database and conduct simple queries on card usage.
  • "Find similar crypt cards" plugin.
  • Sutekh can now fetch missing card images from vtes.pl .
  • Secret library credentials can be securely saved to avoid needing to re-enter them continually.
  • Profiles can now have a "default filter" specified. This, combined with opening multiple copies of a card set allows agreat deal of flexibity, and also makes it possible to emulate the separate crypt and library modes used by other card managers.
  • An "Analyze deck" option has been added for Rapid Thoughts decks
  • The help information for filters has been integrated with the manual and tutorial.
  • The "Simulate opening hands" plugin has a "draw more cards" option when drawing sample hands to allow more examination of the deck flow.
  • The "Show card set in alternative format" supports more options.
  • Improved handling of slow network issues.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Expansion release dates are now shown in the "Expansion Stats" table.

Changelog (since 0.8.x branch was created)

(This generally doesn't include bugfixes that were also made to the
0.8 series)
19 Jul 2014
  • Ensure expansion directory exists when downloading card images.
  • Fix a bug in the image plugin that hid the configuration choices on first time installations.
16 Jul 2014
  • Add some test coverage for reparenting card sets
  • Fix a big in the logic when reparenting a card set with no parent to a new parent.
11 Jul 2014
  • Fix a bug where rows where sometimes unexpanded during editing when a "Physical filter" was involved.
09 Jul 2014
  • Fix bug in SL plugin's import deck / inventory path
06 Jul 2014
  • Add progress bar to TWDA when deleting decks to provide UI feedback
  • Download TWDA datapacks in cronological order for UI claritya
05 Jul 2014
  • Switch to fetching datapacks from sutekh-datapacks repository on bitbucket
04 Jul 2014
  • Add get_info_file to extract extra info files from datapack zip files
  • Add simple handling of decks removed from the starter deck datapack
26 Jun 2014
  • Rework generating html from filter help to remove some repeated documentation.
  • Use html dialog to display filter help. - Add filter help to main help menu. - Make filter dialog non-modal so we can interact with html dialog.
  • Move _link_resource into base.gui.AppMainWindow
  • Simplify 'last help shown' juggling
25 Jun 2014
  • Move bits of the zip file handling into base.io
  • Move bits of the file format guessing code into base.io
19 Jun 2014
  • Rework menu card set import code to move more of it into base.gui
  • Clean out some non longer relevant python 2.4 compatibility code
18 Jun 2014
  • Add check_cs_exists helper to CardSetUtilities
  • Refactor common code out of IdentifyXMLFile into base
  • Fix error with the OpeningDraw plugin
17 Jun 2014
  • Add helper for feeding decks into the Secret Library's "Import a Deck" form
  • Move some more of the generic ExtraColumn stuff into base
  • Refactor the opening draw plugin to move generic logic into base
12 Jun 2014
  • Move some test scaffolding code in sutekh.base.tests
  • Move PhysicalCardSetWriter import out of base
08 Jun 2014
  • Factor out common code of the ShowExported plugin
  • Factor out common code from the CardSetImport plugin
07 Jun 2014
  • Factor out common code from the ExtraColumns plugins
  • Factor out generic code from the CardSetExport plugin
06 Jun 2014
  • Add update_config hook for plugins doing more dynamic config generation
  • Split CardImages plugin into generic and non-generic section
  • Move most of the card set writer logic into base.io
  • Drop python2.4 compatability elementtree imports
05 Jun 2014
  • Split card count plugins into generic and non-generic section
03 Jun 2014
  • Split CardDrawProbablities plugin into generic and non-generic sections
29 May 2014
  • Add export_cs and write_cs_to_file helpers to unify card set writing logic
  • Move CardSetExportCSV to base/gui/plugins
28 May 2014
  • Fix bug when replacing saved filters in the filter dialog
  • Change how default filters are specified
  • Add cardset property to CardSetListModel for ease of use in plugins
27 May 2014
  • Sort names in the Card Set Independence plugin
  • Move some generic code out of SutekhGui into base.gui.GuiUtils
23 May 2014
  • Move several generic plugins into base.gui.plugins - Moved plugins: FullBackup, ChangeGroupBy, CardSetCompare, CSVImporter,

    ExpansionStats, CardSetFromFilter, CardSetIndependence, CardSetPrint, SetToExpansion, SnapshotCardSet & ImportFromZipFile

13 May 2014
  • Move make_illegal_filter into base.core
12 May 2014
  • Use introspection to find Filters for FilterParser
  • Add base class for Adapters
  • Use introspection to find Adapters to catch
04 May 2014
  • Move best_guess_filter into sutekh.base.core
  • Tweak BasePluginManager
  • Cleanup some unused imports
01 May 2014
  • Rename csv_to_canonical and canonical_to_csv to more descriptive names
30 Apr 2014
  • Update docstrings and other minor cleanups after refactoring
  • Drop references to 'White Wolf' in sutekh.base.gui
  • Refactor main menu to move common code into sutekh.base.gui
  • Refactor SutekhMainWindow to move common code into sutekh.base.gui
29 Apr 2014
  • Factor out some common into sutekh.base.gui
28 Apr 2014
  • Fix error in docs
27 Apr 2014
  • Factor out common code into sutekh.base.io
23 Apr 2014
  • Factor out some common core code into sutekh.base.core
21 Apr 2014
  • Skip some unneeded cleanup work on application exit
  • Cache starter decks to avoid walking through the entire list repeatedly in StarterDeckInfo
  • Fix bug in DatabaseUpgrade introduced when adding orderBy
  • Log plugin database table version errors in verbose mode
  • Update plugin requirements
  • Avoid calling load_image with no card name in the CardImagesPlugin during window resizes
11 Apr 2014
  • Fix plugins broken by SutekhAbstractCard rework
  • Work around upgrade issues with latest postgres by adding explicit orderBy clauses
10 Apr 2014
  • Separate generic AbstractCard and SutekhAbstractCard using SQLObject's inhertance. This is intended to help split sutekh into generic and VtES-specific sections for ease of reuse in other card management programs
03 Apr 2014
  • Bump default socket timeout
01 Apr 2014
  • Improve robustness of icon manager when encoutering images without transparency
26 Mar 2014
  • Add a frame_setup hook for connecting signals when frames are attached to the main window
  • Move card text setting entirely to MessageBus signals
10 Mar 2014
  • Fix marker used to indicate TWDA plugin was configured
  • Update test suite to skip TWDA question
06 Mar 2014
  • Use a single progress dialog for all the TWDA downloads
05 Mar 2014
  • Tweak layout of the TWDA & Starter plugin dialogs
  • Tweak layout of the import card set dialog
27 Feb 2014
  • Add basic TWDA plugin
  • Use transactions to speed up importing TWDA lists
  • Don't nest transactions when deleting card sets either
  • Use scrolled widget for deck comments in Analyse plugin to handle very long deck descriptions better.
26 Feb 2014
  • Fix error path in find_all_data_packs
25 Feb 2014
  • Add description option to progress_fetch_data function
13 Feb 2014
  • Return date information from find_all_data_packs
31 Dec 2013
  • Add releasedate to the Expansion table - Support database upgrade to new Expansion table
  • Parse expansion dates from csv file in bitbucket - Hook up importing date info in cli and gui
  • Display expansion release date in the ExpansionStats plugin
  • Add prepare_for_db_update event to message bus
  • Add prepare_for_db_update hook for plugins
  • Disconnect and re-connect various database signals during upgrades
  • Tweak transaction order to speed up importing new card lists
  • Tweak zip file transaction handling to speed up restoring from backups
  • Don't try nest transactions in CardSetHolder.create_pcs
22 Oct 2013
  • Make update_to_new_db a event on the message bus
  • Add update_to_new_db hook for plugins
12 Oct 2013
  • Cache missed image lookups to avoid repeated calls to vtes.pl
11 Oct 2013
  • Ignore 404's from vtes.pl when trying to look up DM images
31 Jul 2013
  • Use sqlobject transactions to speed up creating card sets from the plugins
30 Jul 2013
  • Use sqlobject transactions to speed up deleting card sets
18 May 2013
  • Add database url and version to the exception dialog and logging output
20 Mar 2013
  • Use bitbucket as the source for all card info
  • Update download dialog to reflect this
19 Mar 2013
  • Don't open an empty url in the card images plugin
20 Feb 2013
  • Add support for downloading missing card images from the vtes.pl infrastructure
18 Feb 2013
  • Add support for timeouts when fetching data
  • Avoid trying to hash None when fetching data fails
23 Jan 2013
  • Add a helper to FileOrUrlWidget to help control the selection
18 Jan 2013
  • Update CacheRelatedJoin to support multiple joins between the same models (courtesy of Adrianna Pinska)
17 Jan 2013
  • Split MultiPaneWindow to seperate the pane manipulation and sutekh-specific code
15 Jan 2013
  • Replace the various ..Listener classes with a MessageBus publisher / subscriber model
30 Dec 2012
  • Generate textile documentation for the filters from the filter help text
03 Dec 2012
  • Use the python-keyring library to handle the secret library password
  • Fix several issues with exporting to Secret Library
02 Dec 2012
  • Display the database URI in the about dialog
26 Nov 2012
  • Add a helper function to silence a python -3 'compare unequal types' warning
26 Jul 2012
  • Add tests for the handling of card sets with profile filters specified
  • Fix some further bugs with the profile filter handling
25 Jul 2012
  • Add a 'find similar crypt card' plugin for helping find matching crypt selections
23 Jul 2012
  • Automatically add the correct version to the docs when generating html
22 Jul 2012
  • Fix a bug when adding cards to a card set when multiple copies are open with different profile filters
21 Jul 2012
  • Fix a bug triggering an exception when removing a card from a card set when multiple copies are open with different profile filters
28 May 2012
  • Support exporting decks to a pmwiki formatted deck list
17 May 2012
  • Add initial "draw more cards" option to the Opening Hand plugin
08 May 2012
  • Fix typo in Rapid Thought Analyse Deck display
05 May 2012
  • Add support for specifying a filter to associate with a profile. Useful for crypt analysis profiles and so forth.
  • Note profile filter feature in manual.
  • Add some discussion about profiles to the tutorial.
05 Apr 2012
  • Add find_all_data_packs helper function
07 Mar 2012
  • Don't silently drop urls from the rulings
29 Feb 2012
  • Use key= rather than cmp= everywhere (python -3 fix)
  • Use explicit integer division in several places (python -3 fix)
  • Don't break if hashlib isn't present (python 2.4 compatability fix). Note that hash checking is disabled on python 2.4 as a result (no SHA256 implementation)
28 Feb 2012
  • Add hash fetching and verification to data pack downloads.
  • Seperate the progress bar adjustment fromt the actual data-pack download
  • Force window reszie earlier in the startup, so we restore pane positions correctly
23 Feb 2012
  • Split IconManager into gui and non-gui portions. Move non-gui part to io/
08 Feb 2012
  • Update the rest of the comment headers
07 Feb 2012
  • Fix the pylint pep8_wrapper
  • Tweak the comment header specification to fix emacs modeline entries and match emacs' expectations.
  • Update check_header script to match our new requirements
  • Update comment headers of a few files to the new format
28 Dec 2011
  • Add "search_text" column to abstract card, to allow searches which ignore the clarification braces.
  • Fix database upgrade path. Drop support for upgrading form 0.6 databases
09 Dec 2011
  • Add support for reading arbitary keywords from the extra card lists (Keywords: .. entries)
10 Nov 2011
  • Add workaround to card count filter to address the slow performance of mysql with subselects
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