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Adjusts the timing of subtitle files (handles *.srt and *.sub formats)

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  • fhaag
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    This is just what I have been looking for! I have loads of subtitles that slowly drift out of sync, so the dual reference points adjustment is excellent for my situation. The user interface is very intuitive for the most part; just the "Preview Output" button could maybe use a tooltip. The application happily displays and processes UTF-8 encoded subtitle files with CJK characters. The about box/screenshots imply there is some way to preview the video, which I could not find yet, but picking the time indices for the first and the last spoken line from Avidemux and then entering them for the respective subtitles in Subtitle Adjuster works quite well. Two minor improvements to the ease of use could be: - Show something about the selected filenames in the title bar - e.g. "Subtitle Adjuster - %s" with %s being the filename of the first subtitle file, possible followed by ", ..." if there are more. - Add a button next to the two subtitle ID input boxes to automatically insert the ID from the currently selected row in the subtitle table. The only feature that I'm really kind of missing is for the program to recognize some common deviation pattern. e.g. subtitles for series often come in complete seasons, and if there is some drifting out of sync, it is reasonable to assume that the same factor applies to all episodes of the whole season. So, if the program could somehow recognize a common deviation pattern after 5 episodes, it could attempt to adjust the subtitles for the remaining 15 episodes of the season automatically. (I would have logged these as feature requests, but there doesn't seem to be a respective publicly writeable tracker available for the project.) Thanks for this excellent application! I have not tried the support, so I have not entered any rating for that.

    Posted 11/17/2013