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A space game in the Hoshikaze 2250 universe, built on the NAEV engine

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Stars of Call will ultimately be a mix of Elite-like, Rogue-like and RTS, set in the Hoshikaze 2250 Sci-Fi universe, developed by the eponymous French Association.

Hoshikaze 2250 is a very large universe, set in the year 2250, Human Occidental Calendar. With 9 sentient species sharing more than 3000 stellar systems linked by natural hyperjump tunnels and settled on nearly 200 planets, it allows to develop many things around it : short stories books, novels, comics, paperback RPGs, videogames, boardgames, etc...

An association was created in 2007 to sustain the Project as a whole, with both open-source and commercial developments around a Community of Creation. Our motto : "Amateurs in spirit, professionals in methods".

For now (26/04/2014) the following things have been committed to SourceForge :
- An older Stellar System editor from 2004,
- A set of Game Design Documents,
- A prototype being developed as a Total Conversion of NAEV (

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  • Elite-like game in top-down view within a rich context, with 9 species and multiple factions
  • Exploration, trade and combat mixed in a global game for Spacers !
  • Navigate through the intricacies of a vast, living universe
  • Trade goods and keep an eye to economic events
  • Buy ships and customize them to your liking
  • Choose your side in many local factions conflicts
  • Fight pirates, outlaws and adverse factions
  • Run various missions, either as an independant or for factions
  • Talk to the people in the bar, they may have hints or missions to offer you
  • Observe, react or be part of events that can happen anytime, anywhere...
  • Take an active part in multiple story arcs between the various factions
  • Learn to become a Spacer in your own right !


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