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A 3D Shareware Starflight Simulator by Deneban Software

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Developed between 1992 and 1999, this is a very early simulation of how the stars of our solar neighborhood may look from different perspectives in the Milky Way.

The user may position the starship at one of hundreds of objects in the database or enter the position using galactic coordinates.

Navigate by destination or course using one of a multiple of "warp speed" selections available.

Viewers: Select from Forward view or Tactical view.

Flight and arrival times are given for various speeds when a destination is selected.

Status bar shows stardate, course, speed, and galactic coordinates in real time.

Able to play background starship sounds or music mod files enduring the long journey!

Currently only available on the Amiga platform, but is actively being ported to Windows at this time.

Screenshots show both Amiga and Windows versions.

Windows porting progress is 75% complete (not including documentation).

Amiga version features "Notebook Viewer

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  • Navigate by destination or course
  • Select from Forward or Tactical views, Select space visibility
  • Periodic snapshots; Automatic stop upon arrival
  • Provides Time of Arrival at various speeds
  • Plays Mods (music modules)

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  • deneban
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    Here is an excerpt of a review of Starship 2.0 from the July 1993 issue of "Viewport Magazine" (posted on GENIE [General Electric Network for Information Exchange), GENIE Amiga file number 19762: STARSHIP20.LHA: "Don't think much of Captains Kirk and Picard? Think that you can handle a starship better than those bus drivers? Here's your chance. Starship 2.0 is an nearly commercial level simulator (And the author ... only wants 5 dollars! What a deal!). ...The program features background sound effects (you can choose music instead,...), multiple windows, data readouts, etc.... This thing is slick, slick, slick!" -- Nick's Pics (AKA Nick Cook).

    Posted 03/01/2014
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