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4.2 28 FEB 2011 XZ compression, and compression options support 1. Filesystem improvements: 1.1 Added XZ compression 1.2 Added compression options support 2. Miscellaneous improvements/bug fixes 1.1 Add missing NO_XATTR filesystem flag to indicate no-xattrs option was specified and no xattrs should be stored when appending. 1.2 Add suppport in Unquashfs -stat option for displaying NO_XATTR flag. 1.3 Remove checkdata entry from Unsquashfs -stat option if a 4.0 filesystem - checkdata is no longer supported. 1.4 Fix appending bug when appending to an empty filesystem - this would be incorrectly treated as an error. 1.5 Use glibc sys/xattr.h include rather than using attr/xattr.h which isn't present by default on some distributions. 1.6 Unsquashfs, fix block calculation error with regular files when file size is between 2^32-block_size+1 and 2^32-1. 1.7 Unsquashfs, fix sparse file writing when holes are larger than 2^31-1. 1.8 Add external CFLAGS and LDFLAGS support to Makefile, and allow build options to be specified on command line. Also don't over-write passed in CFLAGS definition.
Source: README, updated 2011-02-28